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“I am so pleased with the steam carpet clean I had done today. Santa was on time, had attention to detail and left the carpet smelling wonderful. I would definitely get Santa back to complete other services.”Chrissy, Sydney


“Santa was excellent, friendly, hardworking and our carpets look great.”Joseph, Sydney

“I have now used Houseproud twice and I am very happy with the work Santa did again on the second lounge suite in the sunroom. He arrived right on time, he did a thorough job, was courteous, careful and reasonable charge.”Adrian, Petersham

Sydney Carpet Cleaning Experts

Nobody likes coming home to worn-out, tired looking carpets. We can help you bring a little life back into your carpets with a carpet steam clean service from our Houseproud carpet cleaning company. Our carpet steam clean service is of the utmost quality, at a reasonable price. Houseproud’s carpet steam cleaning removes the deepest dirt and toughest stains, leaving your carpet revived, clean and fresh. How do we do this? We do it through our 8 step hot water extraction carpet cleaning method (as recommended by Standards Australia) and every clean goes through our carpet cleaning checklist. Our Sydney carpet cleaners must go through a stringent selection and training process to make the team. Plus, our professional carpet cleaners in Sydney are ITI (Interactive Training International) certified, licensed and fully insured.

Relax and Enjoy Your Beautiful Clean Carpets

We offer a range of carpet cleaning services, including but not limited to:

Great quality carpet steam cleaning that’s also affordable? It doesn’t get much better than that.

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High pressured state of the art machinery – Your home vacuum cleaner only removes surface dirt. We use powerful high pressured machinery that removes the deepest dirt, bacteria, fungus, dust mites, pet dander and allergens, giving you the ultimate carpet steam clean. This provides relief for people suffering from asthma and allergies.

Experts in carpet stain removal – We get stains out of your carpet with a specially formulated spot stain remover.

We are also experts in removing water from wet carpets caused by floods or broken water pipes.

Non-toxic carpet steam cleaning products – We use environmentally friendly and natural carpet cleaning products that are completely safe for your family and pets. There is no chemical residue left behind after our carpet steam clean.

Quick drying time – Once your carpet is clean, you can walk on it immediately, and it will be completely dry in 4-6 hours (depending on carpet type and weather).

Punctual and reliable – We pride ourselves on our punctuality. We arrive when we say we will, working around your schedule.

Friendly service and approachable – Houseproud carpet steam cleaners are some of the friendliest people you’ll meet. We love what we do and so will you!

Steam Cleaning vs Dry Cleaning - Which one is best?

At Houseproud, we know that a professional steam clean yields the best results and can extend the life of your carpets. Carpet manufacturers recommend Steam Cleaning over Dry Cleaning because it requires fewer chemicals and does a better job of extracting dirt and eliminating any irritants within your carpet.

  • The hot water that’s injected into the carpets help to kill any bacteria, dust mites, mold or fungus that might be residing within the carpet. Unlike dry cleaning, the high temperature of the water does the majority of the cleaning, not heavy chemicals.
  • There is no chemical residue or cleaner left behind in the carpets.
  • It provides a deeper clean when compared to dry cleaning because the water is injected through the carpet so that the high powered vacuum can extract the dirt that resides below the surface of the carpet.
  • The powerful vacuum extracts nearly all of the water back out of the carpets. Your carpets are left feeling slightly damp but dry out within a few hours.
When your carpets are dry cleaned, chemicals are used to break up the surface dirt on your carpets. A machine is then used to buff the dirt out of the carpets leaving only the top layer or your carpet clean. This means that much of the mold, dirt and dust-mites still remain in your carpet once the cleaners leave.


Carpet Steam Clean vs Carpet Dry Clean
Image courtesy of Eco+ Carpet Cleaning

Compare the difference between dry cleaning and steam cleaning. Which would you choose?


All Sydney carpet cleaning services are carried out by trained & professional carpet cleaners
who will meet your highest expectations and leave your carpets clean and looking new.

We still have our very first Sydney customer

With over two thousand carpet cleaning customers in Sydney and 19 years of experience cleaning homes, we know what it takes to make a happy customer!

House cleaning over 200,000 successful cleans

Over 20 thousand clean Sydney carpets and counting! We’ll make coming home to your fresh carpets the best part of your day!

House cleaning professionals with expert training

Our cleaning professionals will wow you with every clean! Trained right here in Sydney, fully insured and licensed, we’re proud of every home we clean.

Sydney Carpet Stain Removal - Experts in Removing Stains

Our Sydney carpet cleaning technicians offer a comprehensive solution to your carpets. When it comes to carpets, one of most requested services is carpet stain removal.

Even a clean carpet can look aged and dirty with just a few unsightly stains.

At Houseproud, we have years of experience removing red wine stains, kids art projects on the carpet and other common household stains from carpets.

Pet Urine Stains

You love your pets, but sometimes they can leave nasty stains behind when they decide to make a toilet out of the corner under the stairs. So if Rocky has left his mark where he’s not supposed to, call Houseproud Carpet Cleaning Sydney as soon as possible to ensure the best possible result. You don’t want to let the chemicals in the pet urine sit in your carpet too long before it’s professionally cleaned or it could result in permanent damage to your carpet.

Wine Stains

Living in Australia means that we have access to some of the world’s best wines, unfortunately, it also means that we have one of the highest rates of wine stained carpets on the planet! Not surprised, neither are we. But if you’ve had a dinner party and a guest has left an unsightly wine stain on your carpet, call us the next day and we can get right out there to help you out. As with pet urine stains, if you leave it for too long, it can be difficult to remove.

Blood Stains

If you’re bleeding on your carpets, first, seek medical attention! Second, call Houseproud Carpet Cleaning Sydney to make sure the blood stains get removed as quickly as possible. Once blood sets into the carpet, it can be a haven for bacteria and ruin your carpet, so act quickly.

Food & Other Household Stains

If your little one likes to fling their pureed carrot across the room or your husband is a little on the clumsy side, it’s inevitable that eventually you’ll get some food stains on your carpet. Luckily, most food stains can come out easily with a standard steam clean and spot treatments. So if you had a TV dinner that slipped onto the carpet or an eater in training spill food onto your pristine carpets, we can help.

Professional Sydney Carpet Cleaning That Breathes Fresh Life Into Your Carpets

Whether it’s an art project gone wrong or just years of heavy foot traffic, we’ll breathe new life back into your carpets with a deep and thorough carpet steam clean! Professional carpet cleaning can give your entire home a new look and feel.

When the carpet is dirty, an entire space can look and feel tired and run down. A freshly cleaned carpet will remove years of dust and allergens that can make your family feel unwell and make your home cozy and warm once again.

As your carpets get dirty, they accumulate airborne particles that are kicked back up in the air as you walk. Dirty carpets can be quite harmful to babies, those with allergies, and to your overall health and peace of mind. Relax, and rest assured that our incredible carpet cleaning service will restore your carpet to their original glory. The difference before and after your carpet cleaning will be night and day.

Why waste the weekend cleaning and scrubbing your carpet for only a minimal impact. Our professional steam cleaning equipment will refresh your carpets in just a few hours. You’ll be amazed by the results.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Houseproud Promise

Every carpet clean comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Whether you’re a regular cleaning customer or a one-off customer, if you’re not happy with your clean, we’ll come back to sort it out for free!

Houseproud House Cleaning Guarantee


Book a house clean with Houseproud


Schedule a clean for a date and time that suits your schedule.

Relax and let us clean your home


When your day arrives, just relax and let us do the hard work!

Enjoy your sparkling clean home


When we’re done, simply enjoy your sparkling clean home.

Discover the Houseproud Difference

Trust and reliability is what separates our service from the rest.

When it comes to home cleaning services, you want to work with a company who cares about the details. Our Sydney customers come back to us again and again because we go above and beyond with every clean.

Our independent operators are qualified and skilled home cleaners trained right here in Sydney.

Reputation is everything to our company. That’s why our cleaners are meticulously vetted for their work ethic, attention to detail, trustworthiness, and friendly nature.

Our Carpet Cleaning Sydney Service Is Second To None

Whether you live near the beaches and track sand that buries deep down into your carpets or just need a deep carpet steam clean to bring some fresh life back into your carpets, we can help. With our deep steam clean extraction process we can remove years of deep down dirt from your carpets and leave them feeling fresh and clean.

So if you’ve just moved into a new home or apartment, are leaving your apartment and need an end of lease clean to leave your carpets clean for the next tenants, or just want to freshen them up to enjoy them in your current home, you’ll be amazed with the results that you can get with a carpet clean from Houseproud.

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It will take a few hours for your carpets to dry, so why not take a day at the beach and visit Bondi, Coogee, or one of the dozens of beautiful beaches that dot they Sydney coastline. When you get back from the beach and we’ve worked our magic, running your feet through spectacularly spotless carpets will leave you feeling relaxed and comfortable in your home again.

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