Why Couples Fight So Much Over Domestic Chores

The modern world has given us all sorts of technology to ease domestic tasks. Washing machines, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, food processors, microwaves … they all make it easier and faster to perform tedious daily chores.

Another characteristic of modern times is the change in gender roles. The majority of women work full-time jobs, and many women have more than one employer. This leaves them little time to worry about household tasks, and they would prefer their partners to help them get things done. Stay-at-home mums can get overwhelmed as well, and they are always grateful for a hand with the dishes or the laundry.


Why Couples Fight So Much Over Domestic Chores


We also have non-traditional families where gender roles aren’t exactly applicable. In homes with single parents, same-sex couples, or elder siblings looking after younger ones, conventionally male and female tasks simply aren’t part of the discussion. Often, the challenge is that one partner has been at work all day and wants to put their feet up, while the other has been looking after the kids since 3.00 a.m. and now needs a break.

Arguments about housework can escalate very quickly because they happen when both partners are exhausted and irritable. They both feel their partner isn’t pulling their weight, and it can be hard to compromise when you both think your spouse is being unreasonable.

One curious example of this phenomenon concerns spouses that work as caterers or chefs. They spend all day preparing delicious meals, so their partner wishes they could whip up those delicacies at home too. Meanwhile, after cooking all day, the last place a chef wants to be when they get home is the kitchen. So they feel attacked when their spouse asks them to cook, while their partner feels like paying customers matter more than they do.

Well, here at HouseProud Cleaning, we have the solution to your problem. Rather than starting the next world war or saying things to one another that you’ll soon regret, you could simply outsource your chores. No, we don’t have chefs, but we do have professional cleaning services.

We’ll take care of all those nasty chores you keep trying to foist onto each other. Our house cleaners Sydney can perform general tasks, but they also handle specialised areas like gutters, ovens, carpets, windows, and upholstery. We have high-pressure hoses that can restore sandstone, brick, and concrete pathways and driveways. We’ll even clean your outdoor entertaining area if you like, and we are experts at getting rid of greasy build-up on grout and tile.

If you’re worried about having strangers in your home, don’t be. We run police checks on all our teams, and we put them through intensive training. Plus, they are licensed and fully insured. Our cleaning products are environmentally friendly with just a hint if citrus, leaving your home sparkling clean and lemony fresh. So the next time you’re about to have an argument about whose turn it is to scrub the tub, give us a call instead and we’ll offer you a free no obligation quote.


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