Surprise Someone with The Gift If A HouseProud Cleaning Service This Christmas

What would you like to be surprised with this Christmas? A Ferrari? An overseas holiday? That nice outfit you saw online? How about something a little more achievable but equally as fulfilling? How about a house that’s cleaned, top to bottom, without you having to lift a finger? Oh, it must be those wonderful cleaning elves again!

As much as we wish cleaning elves were a real thing, they’re not – although, without boasting, we’re kind of the next best thing. HouseProud’s team of cleaning elves can definitely clean a home from top to bottom, all without anyone else lifting a finger.

Now think, if you’d like this Christmas present, who else would too? Probably half the people in your life? How many people do you know that love to clean except for your slightly OCD auntie Lucy? Shout out to Monica from Friends here, while we’re at it. And come to think about it, maybe we’ll invite Lucy to come and stay for a week…

Jokes aside, the gift of house cleaning works well for so many people. Cleaning your home is a chore, and unless you’ve got a super small apartment, it can take a really long time to do a proper clean. Don’t your friends and family have better things to do over the Christmas holidays than clean their home! We sure hope they do.

Giving the gift of a house clean is sure to put a smile on anyone’s dial, especially if they have kids, pets, or a substantial home. You can choose to gift the gift of a one-off clean, or, if you’re feeling particularly generous, how about an ongoing service? They’re sure to appreciate it!

Who’s hosting Christmas day this year? How about if you give them the gift of a clean in advance, so they can bring in the cleaners to help clean up afterwards? If you have a very large family and/or friends group, then this can be a gift like from the angels themselves!

We have cleaning services all over the country. Dedicated, professional, trained staff who are reliable and trustworthy, with the track record for a top clean. So if you’re looking to give friends and family the gift of a clean home, then you should look to us.

Let our cleaning elves help you out with gift ideas and let them take care of your family and friends’ homes. Giving the gift of a house clean can be a lifesaver for many over the holiday period. And, hopefully, one year, if you’re lucky – they’ll even return the favour by giving you a home cleaning voucher in return.

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