Spring Clean Your House for Christmas

It seems that for many of us *time* has become a stumbling block in our lives. The days seem to whiz by; we go from Spring to Summer to Christmas in the blink of an eye. By the time you get to mid-December – do you want to spend it cleaning?

Dust is always going to fall, no matter what the season, and of course, most of the mess is when everyone is at home for the Christmas break, and you are busy wrapping gifts and cooking large amounts of food, ready for the family to descend.

It’s by default that now Christmas has become the new spring – especially when it comes to giving your house a good *going over*.

This is the ideal time to take that step and hire a professional cleaning service. Look for a cleaning service that has insurance, experience and a good reputation. Some services simply provide the labour and use your products, while others like HouseProud use products they prefer and know will work.

Remember that this will be a busy time, so book ahead to secure your preferred date and time.

Christmas is a time for you to relax, it’s not the time to be emptying cupboards, pushing around a vacuum cleaner and dusting light fittings. There are people available to do that hard work for you – let them.

A deep or “spring” clean can take anywhere from 4 to 10 hours depending on both the current condition of your home and its size. Spring cleaning services can include, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, stairs and hallways with the options to add carpet cleaning, window cleaning, exterior cleaning and – on request specialised cleaning.

Spring cleaning your home before Christmas by a professional cleaning service will give you peace of mind. You know your house will be cleaned from top to bottom – including places you overlook. Your home will be fresh and shiny, ready for you to enjoy the holiday season with friends and loved ones, this way you can relax without worrying if there is soap scum in the shower or stains on the kitchen floor. Sit back, enjoy your time off work and concentrate on wrapping presents, decorating the tree, organising gifts and your Christmas lunch menu because when it comes to cleaning the house – it’s all been done for you.

Image Source: https://tidymom.net/2014/holiday-cleaning-tips/

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