Some Surprising Diseases You Can Catch Around Your Own Home

Your home is your safe place, your haven if you will. But this doesn’t necessary mean that it’s always going to be the perfect environment. While you may think that you’re relatively safe from diseases at home, this may not be the case.

We all know that we can pick up things like the flu and chickenpox from other people that come home – generally the kids! – but there are some other diseases too, that we can catch in the home. These aren’t necessarily transferred from another person…


Did you know that the droppings of rats can carry a disease called Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis that will present in humans as meningitis? If rat poop accidentally touches your food or dishes, and if the disease is present, you could contract meningitis by ingesting the infectious substance.

Meningitis can have a whole range of symptoms from headaches to fever, throwing up, or stiffness. It’s often difficult to tell and can feel a bit like the flu. Mostly this form of meningitis is relatively mild, which we’re happy to report.

Infectious jaundice

Another rat-borne disease is leptospirosis. This disease can come about from touching the rat, or from coming in contact with contaminated water or soil. Much like meningitis above, the symptoms in humans can present like the flu. While most people recover easily, it can, however, move on to other things such as infectious jaundice.

Lyssavirus (ABLV)

ABLV is a disease within the same family as rabies. And while we don’t have rabies in Australia, what we do have is ABLV – which is spread through bats. Bats are common throughout many regions of Australia. This disease is extremely rare, and can only be caught from being in direct contact with a bat – so make sure that you don’t touch them if you find any bats congregating in your home or under the eaves. You can catch the disease if a bat either bites or scratches you and this disease can be fatal. If you find an influx of bats it’s best to talk with a pest specialist about what to do about it, rather than risk your health.

Keeping wildlife such as rats and bats away from you home starts with keeping it clean, and all foods covered. Animals will come into your home to find food and to seek shelter. For good house cleaners, get in contact with us at HouseProud. We can help with a regular cleaning of your home, or even just a once off now and then if you would prefer.

Keeping your home clean can help in preventing each and every infectious disease around the house from spreading to you and your loved ones.

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