Preparing Your Home for Your New Baby

Preparing for your new baby is an exciting and exhausting time; every little bit of effort done before heading into the delivery room can make coming home and getting into your new rhythm that much easier.

Along with installing baby gates and locking under-the-sink cabinets, house cleaning should be top of the list.

A thorough clean won’t just save mum and dad a few extra precious minutes, but will prevent your baby from accidentally ingesting or coming into contact with germs and chemicals.


Here’s our top list of what to do to prepare your family for the new baby:


Deep clean the carpets

In most cases, a vacuum is not sufficient to remove the dander, dust, fur and allergens that nestle into carpet fibres.
To support your baby’s fragile immune system, vacuum and steam clean the carpets your baby is most likely to be exposed to – it might be worthwhile getting a home carpet cleaner in to do the hard work for you!


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Use an antibacterial cleaner on all surfaces the baby is likely to touch

Babies like to learn by touching and mouthing anything they can get their hands on, so you might want to also add into your list:

  1. TV and DVD remotes (these can get filthy!)
  2. Change table
  3. Coffee tables
  4. New toys
  5. Drawer handles


In the baby’s room, replace curtains for blinds

Requiring little more than a wipe down, blinds are not just easier to keep clean – they are less likely to irritate the baby’s immune system by soaking up dander and dust. Make sure to choose a quality blind that blocks out light so you can encourage a restful sleep for your baby.


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Get into the habit of keeping your cooking surfaces clean enough to eat off

A great habit to have is to be meticulous about kitchen surfaces. Kitchen surfaces can harbour harmful germs, and all it takes is for a pacifier to rest for a second on a spill for baby to ingest a mouthful of nasty critters. Keep a non-toxic cleaner and paper towel on-hand to make cleaning easy.


Deep clean linens and fabrics

Pet owners can agree that furniture fabrics never smell quite the same after Rover or Fluffy gets their paws on them. Wipe out stains and smells before your baby comes home with a professional steam clean.


Get the jobs you hate out the way

Nothing is worse than wrestling a yowling baby while trying to tackle the filthy and time-consuming chores around the house. Jobs like fridge cleaning, oven degreasingwindow washing and wiping out cupboards should be done ahead of time – but we can also do that for you!


Preparing for your new baby should be an exciting and rewarding experience, so why not handball the jobs you are avoiding to our professional house cleaners – simply contact us today!

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