How to Keep The Dirt Out Over The Christmas Holidays

The end of the year means different things to different people. For some, it’s a chance to take some time off work and enjoy the downtime. For others, it’s an opportunity to travel to their childhood homes and reconnect with loved ones. But for almost everyone, it means having more guests in your house than you’re used to, and that makes it harder to keep it clean.

HouseProud offers professional domestic cleaners that will do the dirty work for you. We’ll send our team over to your home, and you won’t have to lift a finger or worry about a thing because our team is well skilled and fully insured. But even with a cleaning service, you might want some tips on how to keep your house in order on a daily basis.

You’ll receive a lot of holiday gifts, and making space for them can be a challenge. And if you don’t create enough storage space, you will quickly gather clutter. A good rule is to get rid of two old items for every new one you receive. You don’t have to throw them away, but you can donate them or gift them to other people.

We’ve all heard about Marie Kondo, but you may be unfamiliar with Japanese Oosouji. At the end of every year, every area of your home, office, or school gets a thorough top to bottom cleaning. Ideally, you should set aside the last week of the year for this. The lull between Christmas and New Year’s celebrations is a good time for ‘summer cleaning.’

During the holiday period itself, kids are the most prominent culprits of clutter and mess, so it may help to get them involved in the clean-up process. Set up a special Christmas stocking just for keeping the house clean, and tell the kids that every time they clean up after themselves, they get a special token added to their stocking.

They could get a token when they clear the table after meals, do their dishes, clean their rooms, or put away their toys. These tokens can be cashed in on Christmas day. They can be exchanged for extra gifts, cash to spend at the mall, or Christmas candy. Make it fun and competitive for the kids.

Sometimes the most straightforward options are the best. Since there will be so many houseguests and you’ll probably spend a lot of time outdoors, institute clean feet rule. That means everyone must leave their shoes at the door, so they don’t drag the dirt in.

If there’s pool or beach outings in play, ask house guests to rinse their feet before they come into the house. This will help them get rid of any sand, salt or grass that they may have gathered while they were busy enjoying the outdoors.

For some professional help in keeping your house clean over the holidays, call HouseProud today on 1300 880 198.

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