How Often Do You Really Need A Cleaning Service For Your Home

Are you trying to decide how often you need to get a cleaner in to clean your home? Wondering whether to cut back or step up your current cleaning schedule? Here we pose some questions to you to determine how often you really need your home cleaned.

Do you plan on cleaning yourself?

Some people just like to get a professional home cleaning every so often, just when they feel like they have a little too much on at the moment to make time for a cleanup session. If you don’t mind cleaning yourself, then this sort of top up as you go cleaning service will probably work well for your purposes. There’s no need to schedule in a regular clean, just pick up the phone when you feel like getting a top up clean.

Do you have pets?

Pets can make a home a lot dirtier than it would be otherwise. You have to deal with shedding hair, possibly muddy paw prints, and the smell of them can become quite overwhelming for visitors if you don’t give them regular baths! If you have pets, then it’s probably best to get yourself a home cleaner in once a week – and in some very furry cases, even twice a week – to keep everything looking spick and span, and not covered in fur.

Do you have children?

Like pets, kids can make quite a mess – they’re always getting into something. Plus you don’t really want your toddler crawling around on a dusty floor, do you? If you have younger children, then you will probably like to opt for a weekly clean, too, or even twice a week if you find that things are getting messy very quickly.

Do you spend a lot of time out of the house?

If you’re working long hours, or just have a very active social life, then you probably won’t be at home all that much, which means that your home is going to probably be a lot cleaner than someone who is home all the time – simply because it’s not getting that much use. If this is the case for you, then you might like to get a cleaner in as little as once every two to three weeks.


HouseProud offers regular or one off home cleaning services in the NewcastleSydneyCanberraBrisbanePerthMelbourne and Adelaide areas. With an experienced team of trained cleaners, we can come and visit your home as often or as little as you like. Give us a call and set up a time and a schedule that works well for you. Get an excellent clean and save yourself time by letting the professional house cleaners handle all those cleaning tasks you’d just rather not do!


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