How do I prevent My Sick Kids from Spreading Germs

One sick kid is often a handful to manage within itself, but a whole household of unwell children and adults can add some seriously unwanted and unnecessary stress to recovery and regular duties.

With most families now containing two working parents, few people have the luxury of extra sick days to use when a sniffle rolls through the home. This is when preventative measures can help you and your family stay well throughout the seasons.


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So what can you do to prevent your sick kids from spreading their germs?


Get everyone washing their hands thoroughly

Your skin offers the first level of defence against germs, but the skin on your hands is often the grimiest. From touching handrails and doorknobs to coins and elevator buttons, your hands can carry an array of harmful germs. Washing your hands with warm, soapy water as frequently as possible (especially before having something to eat) can slash the risk of you picking up the latest bout of flu.


Step-up your disinfecting regime

To prevent other family members from picking up the same bug, pay particular attention to disinfecting the hard surfaces your unwell child touches. Spraying and wiping down doorknobs, light switches, tables, phones, chairs, remotes and game console controllers all help to eliminate nasty critters that may be lurking around the home.

Cordon your unwell children

To make it easier to manage your household, try keeping your unwell child at home and restricted to a single area – like their bedroom. It is much easier to prevent the accidental spread of germs, and then disinfect the area, when your child isn’t given free reign to cough and splutter all over the house.

Sanitise your unwell children’s toys and sheets

Children’s toys can become germ-infested if not addressed. Simply give your child’s plastic toys a good scrub in the sink or dishwasher, and make sure to wash sheets, pyjamas and soft toys with a sanitising solution to prevent germs spreading.

Keep the bathrooms sparkling clean

Offering damp, warm environments and plenty of tiny crevices, ensuites and shared bathrooms are favourite places for germs to lurk. Whether your child has a head-cold or a tummy bug, the bathroom is a hothouse for spreading illnesses. Make sure to mop, scrub and wipe over all surfaces – even the toilet cistern – to eliminate harmful bugs.


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Set up sanitation stations

It never hurts to take additional precautions. Keep handy a waterless hand wash and some disposable disinfectant wipes around the home for quick spot cleaning.


Dispose of used tissues daily

If you haven’t already, banish your handkerchiefs to the bin alongside the used tissues.
Used tissues can encourage reinfection, so make sure to have them popped into a lidded bin and disposed of daily.


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