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Houseproud Green Clean

Houseproud Cleaning take active measures to reduce our impact on the environment in all of our daily activities.

We believe that we are simply guests on this planet, and at the end of our stay (as good guests do) we should leave it the way we found it.

The cleaning industry is renowned for the use of highly toxic chemicals that damage health and do irreparable harm to our planet. Australia’s water supply is so vulnerable and we are losing the battle to keep our watercourses unpolluted. Houseproud Cleaning is committed to minimum impact cleaning methods, putting in a little extra elbow grease and using citrus based products for the majority of your home clean.

Why citrus?

Contact Green CleanLimes have a magical deodorizing effect, whilst a solvent extracted from orange oil is an amazing degreaser. In fact citrus by-products played a major part in Middle East oil-slick clean ups. More than 40 different materials can be extracted from orange peel, pips, pulp and juices. These can be taken from citrus waste products, further reducing the impact on the environment.

Citrus products are the most natural and highly biodegradable cleaning products available for commercial use. Click for more information on the citrus cleaning products we use.

What else can you do?

Houseproud Cleaners use citrus based cleaning products for the majority of your home clean, unfortunately due to time constraints, some bleach products may be required where there is mould.

There are many other great natural everyday cleaning methods you can put into practise around your home. Vinegar mixed with hot water is fabulous for floor mopping and bench top cleaning, and when mixed with bicarb soda is great for cleaning items like chopping boards or doing internal cleans on dishwashers. They are also great for outside jobs like cleaning pavers and BBQs. There are a great number of sites on the internet that are full of tips and ideas.

What else do we do?

In support of sustainable growth, Houseproud Cleaning only uses paper products from plantation timber and post consumer waste.

“Your non-toxic environmentally responsible products are brilliant.”

Isobel – Northbridge

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