Getting Rid of Ants And Other Pests

Unwanted pests can damage your home, which causes structural damage to your property and increases the chance of both fire and human injury. Pests also transmit germs in two ways, which threaten the safety of the home’s human residents:

  • Food safety: Pests transmit bacteria to any food they encounter, which can result in food poisoning.
  • Illness: Pests are carriers of viruses and disease, including hepatitis A, salmonella and trachoma. Humans exposed to carrier pests are at risk of infection.

By understanding common pests and the germs they carry, you’ll be better prepared to swiftly address any pest issues you encounter.


Termites lead to increased injury and fire safety issues by causing structural property damage. To prevent termite damage, use physical and chemical barriers as deterrents. For example, planting termite repelling plants such as vetiver grass, hot chili peppers or marigolds in your garden will help you prevent a termite invasion.

 Cockroaches, flies and maggots

Cockroaches, flies and maggots are carriers of disease and can threaten your family’s health by spreading harmful germs and bacteria through contact with your food or their waste products.

If you see a cockroach or flies on your property, prompt action is in order- both bugs multiply at an astonishing rate, so if you see one, there are undoubtedly many more that you’ll have to manage.

 Bed bugs

Bed bugs feed on human blood, with a tell-tale series of three bites that produce large, itchy welts. If you suspect a bed bug infestation, call your exterminator; bed bugs can live for up to one year and are notoriously difficult to eradicate.


Rodents cause damage to your property as they burrow to make their nest. They also carry germs since they cross filth, which they then transmit when they come into contact with food, home surfaces and objects.

 Behaviour to Avoid

Now that you understand the health hazards posed by pests, here are a few behaviours to curtail in order to make pests unwelcome in your home:

  • Hoarding: Along with creating a fire hazard, hoarding attracts cockroaches, rodents and other pests, who love to hide under the clutter of old newspapers, boxes, etc.
  • Leaving food out: Food is the primary attractor of pests. Leaving food out for extended period uncovered or failing to clean spills up immediately is like asking pests to move in with you.
  • Neglecting cleaning: Compost, sewage, faeces and waste products all attract pests. Flies, for example, gorge on decaying organic matter. They then spread illness through the leftover filth or through contact with human residents.

By performing or contracting a deep house cleaning twice annually and regular cleaning in between, you can make your property unfit for pests. To make sure the job is done expertly, consider using a domestic cleaning service. Domestic cleaners can either supplement your personal cleaning or perform all of the house cleaning.

Regardless of how you choose to clean your home, it’s an integral component of keeping pests off your property. To say goodbye to pests, say hello to house cleaning!

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