Different Scents You Should Use in Different Parts of Your House

Teenagers’ bedrooms may have that sweaty, lived-in smell. The shoe rack is possibly more pungent, while the laundry room is probably infused in ‘eau de damp’. An inviting kitchen may be full of sugar, spice, and everything nice, but a neglected one smells more like grease and stale vegetables.

Part of being clean is smelling clean, though it’s not something we give much active thought to. There are different ways of freshening up your home. You could open all the windows and doors to let in some natural ventilation. This isn’t always practical, as it might let other things in too. Still, while your cleaning service is around, you can ask them to aerate the room. Just remember to close all the entrances once they’re done.

Other household scent options include commercial air fresheners, diffusers, and candles. Each one has advantages and disadvantages. Air fresheners are cheap and easily affordable, but they sometimes smell ‘tinny’, and their effects don’t last very long. They also leave moist residue and watermarks on your fabrics and surfaces.

Candles are great, but they need to be continuously monitored to avoid creating a fire hazard, especially if you have little kids around. Diffusers are increasing in popularity, and they have aesthetic value as well. They can veer on the pricey side, but you can get a starter pack for less than $10.

Once you’ve decided on your method of choice, you need to pick a variant that suits your needs. Kitchen scents are pretty standard. Left unattended, your kitchen will smell of citrusy detergent, clinical disinfectant, or nose-tingling bleach. At other times, there will be wafts of whatever meal you just prepared.

To keep your kitchen smelling clean, trying using a fresh fruit scent, like apple or pear. It’s sweet, welcoming, and can stimulate appetites. You might also be tempted to use something spicy, but this will affect the flavour of your food, so stick with fruit.

The scent in your living room is a lot more versatile. You can use any scent that appeals to you, from strawberry to fragrant rose. It will depend on your mood and activities. If you’re entertaining guests, a mild floral flavour works. If your evening plans are a little more adventurous, you could try something more exotic, like sandalwood or frankincense.

If you’re worried about overpowering guests who may not like fragrance, look for ‘natural’ wildflower scents like sunflower or daisy. They create the aura of a wide open field and are usually mild enough to leave you feeling cheery without quite knowing why. It’s the ‘bright sunny knoll’ effect.

Remember that citrus kick we mentioned earlier? It works perfectly for bathrooms. Lemon, lime, or grapefruit all make great scents. For your ensuite, you can go for something more representative of yourself. These days, it’s possible to find a candle infused with your favourite perfume, so this is a good choice for your personal beauty space.

Your bedroom needs to be relaxing and intimate, so you could use a whiff of lavender or orange since these are aromatically soothing.


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