Cleaning Tips for This Summer

We’re approaching the final season of the year, and unlike the rest of the world that is set for snow and chilly weather, we have a warm, lovely summer coming up. And with the holidays coming up, you may have a lot of family and friends visiting. You probably want it to be nice and clean, so they don’t think you’re a slob.

On the other hand, with so many people in the house, maintaining your preferred level of cleanliness will be more of a challenge than usual. It helps to call in professional cleaning service like HouseProud. We can discreetly clean your home a few times a week, and we’ll be sure to stay out of your way.

However, your domestic cleaners won’t always be around so you might want a few ideas on how to keep your house nice and tidy. Start with the bathroom. It will take a pounding because the heat will have everyone constantly looking for excuses to splash water on their hands and faces, bringing in dirt and grass stains from outside.

If you’re having guests, consider posting a note in the bathroom to remind everyone to open a window when they shower. It reduces humidity and minimises the possibility of mould. Do a walk through periodically and discard empty bottles, since everyone will pile their brand of shampoo, soap, shower gel, or toothpaste in the bathroom.

When you use the bathroom, clean it right after. Surfaces will accumulate moisture, and that can leave water stains, so wipe them down as soon as possible after you’re done with your shower. Try to get your houseguests to do the same.

If you have an indoor-outdoor space, you’ll probably spend a lot of time there, so it helps to keep the outdoor furniture clean. If your furniture is metallic, it may have rusted over the spring. You can get rid of rust by sanding the metal and rinsing off the rust flakes. For other kinds of furniture, you can clean them with soapy water and a soft brush, then rinse.

Sort your laundry room for ease of use by house guests. Clear labels for piles of whites and coloureds will be helpful. Get rid of any clutter so that there’s enough open space for everyone and their washing. Try to keep the space neat, since piles of clothes – even if they’re clean clothes – will make the room feel dirty.

In the kitchen, clean the appliances. Get rid of grime on the sinks, cooktops, microwaves, and even the switches. You should also give your garbage can a good scrub since the heat will make old food stains smell a lot worse. Dry it thoroughly after washing.

While you’re at it, clean the fridge and throw out any old food. Stock the fridge with fresh supplies in preparation for any summer visitors. It’s an excellent chance to pick some fruits and vegetables that may be in season. Make sure everything looks good and smells fresh.

To keep your home spotless this summer, call HouseProud on 1300 880 198 and get a free no-obligation quote.

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