Before You Go…

We know you probably have a few pressing questions, so we wanted to answer the most common ones upfront.

How much does a franchise cost?

A Houseproud Cleaning franchise costs $22,990 plus GST.

What does it include?

Everything you need to get started.

Will I have exclusive rights to a location?

Yes! Plus, any leads generated outside your contracted location are split evenly amongst other franchisees nearby.

What are the ongoing fees?

They range between 5 – 15% of gross turnover as a rough guide. As your business grows, your rate decreases to reward your effort.

What do those fees cover?

All marketing, sales support, training, ongoing leads, customer service support, business coaching etc. So that you only have to worry about providing a great service to your customers! 

We generate hundreds of leads for our franchise owners each week.

How much can I make?

This largely depends on you. Some franchise owners choose to work part-time and earn just $500 / week, while others earn $10,000 / week with a team of cleaners. 

Overall, the top 25% of our franchisees gross over $200k / year and our top 50% earn $139k / year.

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