Book in Your Next Day Clean-Ups for Your Hosted Events This Summer

Is there anything worse than waking up the night after you have a party and surveying your backyard full of empty glasses, half-full beer bottles, and remnants of dinner scattered on plates around your home? Talk about mood killers.

If you’re hosting a party this summer do yourself the biggest favour in the world by booking in your next day clean up with professional house cleaners. Let them do the work while you pop Nurofen and hide in the comfort of your bedroom, watching old episodes of Seinfeld trying to make yourself feel better.

Get them to clean the tomato sauce off the wall. Get them to clean the second loo. Get them to clean those sticky floors until they’re shiny and new again.

Hiring a crew to clean up the inevitable mess is an absolute godsend, whether it’s Christmas at yours, a New Year’s party, an Australia Day blow out, or just a dinner party that you think might be a big one. Once you get the crew round once to clean up you’ll be wondering why on earth you’ve never thought to do it before. These guys are professionals, so they get the job done quickly, with the best products, and well… they aren’t slow and miserable because they aren’t hosting any hangovers.

You’ll be surprised at just how affordable our after party cleanups can be, too. It makes sense to work the clean up into the budget of your party. And party budgets are essential, especially around Christmas time, when we’re likely to have a few blowouts on presents, nights out, and taxis here and there.

So if you’re hosting events over summer, make sure to think of us. HouseProud can help you out when you’re no help to yourself and take the pain out of the day after that event of yours. Our professional services team are on hand to come and tackle your event space, no matter how big or small the job.

Wouldn’t you like to make life easier for yourself? Well, of course, you can! Once you’ve pencilled in your event date make sure to pencil us in too – for the day after, so you can relax and let Netflix soothe your recovery.

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