We can all do a little bit to be green in our homes

At Houseproud we know that “Carbon footprint” is a buzzword when it comes to living greener. One of the fastest ways of reducing it is to make your Sydney home a greener place.

There are things you can do today to make a difference to the planet such as hanging out washing to dry rather than tumble-drying, fit energy-saving light bulbs and recycle and reuse.

Whatever goes down the drain or into the atmosphere eventually ends up in the ocean or back on the planet as rain. All those toxins can have an impact on the habitats of wildlife. Ingredients such as phosphates, ammonia and bleach have the potential to disrupt our rivers, lakes and oceans. One of the best things you can do is to cut back on chemicals in your home. Choose household products that are harmless and biodegradable like the citrus based cleaning products that Houseproud uses

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