Use Green Cleaning Products Safe for You and Your Family


When you go to your local supermarket for cleaning products, you are liable to find two or three aisle dedicated to cleaning. There’s a product for everything you could possibly think of cleaning.


There’s a product for everything you could possibly think of cleaning. From things for your floor and carpet to items for your bathrooms and kitchen. There are things to brighten and things to get rid of mould and odours. They come in aerosols, liquids, and powders. You stand there totally confused deciding which product to buy. Do you buy the one on special or do you buy the one that guarantees to do whatever it is you’re looking for? Do you get the one with the nice fragance or get the one that smells toxic but is guaranteed to be the best?

Houseproud recommends you start considering green cleaning to consider whether the cleaning products safe for you and your family and are they good for the environment? In the last ten years we’ve seen our environment take a dramatic turn for the worst. The Ozone layer is thinning. Global warming in on the rise. The things we do in our own homes can have a huge impact on our health and the health of the environment. Now more than ever we need to take special care to the things we use in our homes. “Going Green” is a term that means using environmentally and often chemical free products in our homes and businesses. Green cleaning products typically do not emit the strong chemical odours of traditional products. They are a lot better for the health of you, your family and your pets.

Toxins can be found in many of the products currently on the market. Sure they do an excellent job and cleaning whatever it is you purchased the product for but are they safe for you? Cleaning your home doesn’t mean causing yourself more harm then good. We all love a clean, fresh smelling home but we also love living a healthy life! Going green is not a new trend – it’s a way of life. By changing the way you purchase your cleaning products, you can make an impact not only on the environment but in your home as well. Having products we can trust around our children is vital to the way we live our lives.

Now days, too many chemicals are being used in almost everything around us. It’s time for us to make a conscious effort to take close look at the products we are bringing into our homes and placing back into our environment. So the next time you are on the cleaning product aisle, take the time to really read what the products are made of. Remember these things are used in our home but are also transferred into our environment through the garbage, our water, and more. So be conscious of what you’re using. In the end you’ll be pleased you did and we’re all worth it.

If you are using a Houseproud cleaner on a regular basis you will know that you are able save money no longer needing to buy expensive cleaning products as we supply all our cleaning products. These products are mostly citrus based, environmentally friendly products safe for us, safe for you and your family, and safe for the environment.

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