Houseproud’s Tips on how to stay on top of Christmas Shopping

Many people view Christmas shopping as a dreaded chore rather than a fun part of the holiday season, and the true spirit of giving at Christmas. The good news is all you need is a little planning and organization in order to stay on top of it. Follow Houseproud Cleaning’s tips to put back the joy into Christmas giving.

Make a budget and a shopping list

Before you spend a cent on gifts for your loved ones, decide how much overall you want to and can afford to spend. Create a budget and stick to it. Once you have a budget, make a list of people you want to buy gifts for. Remember to include any small gifts you may want to buy friends at work, your newspaper deliverer, home gardener, Houseproud cleaner etc. Write down the estimated amount you want to spend for each person so you stick to your budget.


Be aware of the tricks that retailers use to entice you into buying things you might not purchase otherwise. Before you leave home take your list with you when you go shopping to help keep you focused. Sometimes you can save yourself some time by visiting a store’s website to see if it is worth the shopping trip. As you shop, keep track of what you have bought and the cost of the gifts. This will help you stick to your budget and ensure the right gift goes to the right person.

There are always gift vouchers

Though some people may think gift vouchers are unoriginal, they allow your loved ones to get exactly what they need or want. Gift vouchers are also a great option if you know they have an interest (movies, gardening, music etc) but don’t know exactly what they would want. At Houseproud Cleaning our customer’s love our home cleaning gift vouchers. They tell us there is nothing like giving loved one’s the gift of time and a sparkling clean Sydney house. Find a beautiful greeting card that expresses how you feel about the person as people love getting hand written cards.

Be creative and think outside the square

If you’re really stumped, you might consider making a donation to charity in the recipient’s name.  (Even if they don’t appreciate it, they’ll find it hard to say so without appearing rude.)

Storing your Christmas gifts

Choose one place in your Sydney home to store all your Christmas gifts. The last thing you would want is to lose track of the gifts you have bought. If you have kids you will need to be creative and hide the gifts from their prying eyes and sticky fingers.

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