Kitchens are the gathering spot in our homes, so having a tidy, clutter-free kitchen allows you to prepare food while keeping the space inviting. Yet precisely because the kitchen is such a high-traffic area, maintaining a neat, clean kitchen is more of a goal than a reality for most of us.

But by strategically tweaking your house cleaning habits, you can keep your kitchen tidy and organised. Here are a few changes to try in your quest for a clean, inviting kitchen:


How to Keep Kitchen Organised and Tidy
Clear Countertops
Close Your Cabinets
Replace Old items with new
Show Your Refrigerator
Select Single Drawer to Store Less Important Item

Clear Countertops

Let’s face it- your countertops are where clutter begins. Get out of the habit of depositing your keys and mail in the kitchen when you enter from outside. Instead, place a small table in your entranceway where you can deposit items when you come home.  Also, resist the urge to leave dirty dishes there for later. Later typically ends up being later than we expected and dirty dishes tend to attract other dirty dishes. Finally, if you don’t use a given small appliance every day, store the appliance elsewhere so that you can keep your countertops clear of non-essentials.

These three changes should result in your countertops remaining clear except for items that are essential for your cooking and food prep work.


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Close your cabinets

Storing items behind closed doors, namely in cabinets with doors, streamlines the sight lines of your kitchen. That means that your kitchen instantly looks neater than if you stored items out in the open. Maybe you simply hide your clutter in your cabinets. If so, then regardless of whether you have open or closed cabinets, make sure that visible items are attractive and nicely displayed (for open cabinets) and take cues from the minimalist trend by only retaining essentials. If you rarely use something, place it in a box and store it in your attic, cellar or other storage area in your home.

In with the new

…and out with the old. To achieve a clutter-free kitchen, assess your current collection of utensils, plates, saucepans, accessories and so forth. Decide which items you use frequently and are in good condition. Any items that don’t make the cut, either donate to charity, drop off at a second hand shop or recycle.

Once you’ve streamlined your current inventory, be ruthless when you get new items. For each new item that you bring in, one existing item must go out. Following this system keeps your collection manageable and balanced.


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Show your refrigerator

Most refrigerators are completely covered with photos, lists, notes and their accompanying magnets, which lend a messy vibe to the kitchen. Instead, take all those papers and store them in your messy drawer…

Grant yourself one messy drawer

We all have our junk drawer and your kitchen’s messy drawer can be your guilty pleasure.  The key thing here is to designate a single drawer, store miscellaneous only there and only until you find a proper place for them.

To that end, develop the habit of reviewing the contents of your junk drawer monthly. You’ll be able to organise the items during your review and determine whether an item should stay or be given away.

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