Houseproud’s tips for keeping kids safe around home pools

Summer is the time when we can really enjoy our Sydney home swimming pool.

With a proper safety fence, the right precautions, and constant supervision, swimming pools will treat your children to hours of fun. Every Sydney home with a pool must have a safety fence.


A safe pool fence:

is at least 1.5 metres high

is strong and secure

has a self-closing child-resistant gate

has vertical bars no more than 100 mm apart

has horizontal bars at least 900 mm apart.


Sydney Home Safety fences can only do their job when you use them correctly.

Keep the gate shut so that children can’t get through without you.

Never prop it open. Maintain, repair or replace the safety latch if it isn’t working properly.

Keep the area around the fence free of pot plants, chairs and barbecues that could be used to climb the fence.

Always watch children when they are in the water.

Display a CPR Chart by your pool


Other Sydney home pool-safety tips

Water mats, lifesaver rings, inflatable vests and water wings need to conform to the relevant Australian Standard. Always watch your child when they are wearing flotation devices, to make sure they don’t tip upside down or slip through into the water.

Floaties are no substitute for supervision. An adult needs to be within arms’ reach at all times when your child is in or around the water.

Always watch small children while they are playing in a paddling pool, and empty the pool when children have finished playing.

Neighbours’ pools can also be a danger to your child. If your neighbour’s pool is not properly fenced, it may be worth letting them know about the pool-safety regulations. If that’s not possible, keep an eye on your child to make sure they don’t make unsupervised visits, and tell them about the dangers of swimming without an adult

These Houseproud tips for Sydney home swimming pool safety can help you keep their kids out of harm’s way, and allow pools to remain a fun part of any child’s upbringing.

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