Cleaning Windows

Cleaning your windows can be hard work, so you want to make sure you get this right the first time. You really don’t want to have to do the job again.

To get off to the right start – you need the right equipment:

  • A bucket – one that is wide enough for you to fit a squeegee and a mop into.
  • Squeegee – there are a range of squeegees on sale, buy a good quality one, not something you’d get in a discount store
  • A mop, also known as a *washer* or *wand*. Heads can be either fixed or swivel, the swivel style is easier on the wrist and excellent if you are using a pole.
  • Scraper, these often come with replaceable metal blades and are great for getting marks off, such as varnish, paint and dead insects. Take care using a scraper on the glass as you can cause permanent damage!
  • Detergent, you can spend a lot of money on window cleaners, but *Morning Fresh* or *Palmolive* detergents do just as good a job. Some people recommend warm water and vinegar, but that doesn’t *suds up*. Suds are important to lubricate the rubber as it passes over the glass, making it easier to turn the squeegee. Suds also make it easier to see any watermarks that need to be wiped off. They also help show up areas that need more scrubbing as the patterns of the bubbles separate more when there is dirt or a finger mark.
  • Rags, this can be an old towel or a micro-fibre cloth
  • Poles, one that extends is great, you may need a pole to reach the top sections of your windows.
  • Ladders, a small step ladder is useful, if you need to go any higher consider calling a professional home cleaning service.


Now you have all your equipment:

  • Fill the bucket halfway with cold water and add a few squirts of detergent to the water
  • Rub the wet mop on the window and give it a good rub to remove all the dirt. If you have any stubborn marks use your scraper.
  • Grab your squeegee and place it on the window at a 45-degree angle, clean the water off, start at the top corner and snake your way down going right to the edges, try and keep a constant pressure at all times.
  • Use your towel or microfibre cloth to get rid of any left-over water marks anywhere on the glass. Use the towel to wipe up any spilt water on the window sill and floor (if you are washing the inside of your windows). Don’t use the microfibre cloth along the window sills as it will get dirty quickly – use the towel
  • If there are any other marks that haven’t quite come off give them a rub with the clean part of the microfibre cloth.
  • Now do the same on the other side of the window and you’ll have a fresh clean window, everyone will think you called a home cleaning service in to clean your windows for you.

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