Summer living cleaning tips

It’s summer! It’s also the end of school holidays, and that means that you have had the children home, had your holidays from work and your home is now starting to show the signs of all that extra activity. So, how do you deal with the extra work and mess? House cleaning isn’t much fun, so what you need is an excellent strategy to get on top of, and keep on top of, all that mess.

These simple tips can cut your house cleaning time, and keep your home looking clean, neat and tidy – all with minimal effort.

  • Be Clutter-free! – Take this season as the time to de-clutter your home, having stuff around leaves places for dirt and dust to accumulate. Your guests won’t notice dust on the top of your fridge, but they will see the mess around the living room. If you have guests coming opt to tidy rather than clean and get your children to help with some chores, like putting their toys away, or putting dirty washing in the laundry. They can also help by keeping their bedrooms tidy. You can make decluttering a job that’s done before a fun day at the beach or the movies, by having your kids help you are turning house cleaning into something enjoyable.
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  • Tackle the small jobs first. Sweep some crumbs up FIRST, before they get ground into your floor. Don’t get side-tracked, if you are in the middle of cleaning and the phone rings, call the person back. To get through jobs faster, assign set tasks to ALL family members.
  • Tips for cleaning the bedrooms. Move clockwise around the room. Put away any clutter, if anything doesn’t belong in the room, pop it outside the door and put it away properly later. Dust shelving, windowsills, lamps, tables and tv’s/computer screens with a damp cloth. To make mirrors and windows shine use a vinegar and water solution and use a squeegee, change the bed linen and finally vacuum, spend some extra time near the doorway to lift up tracked in dirt and sand.
  • Stop dirt at the door. Simple ways to stop dirt being tracked in include investing in a good mat people can wipe their shoes on, or ask guests to remove their shoes before coming in.
  • Bathrooms. This is where cleaning can be a challenge, as there are so many surfaces, tile, porcelain, glass, chrome – it can be hard to know where to start. The good news is, you don’t have to buy a lot of different products, one all-purpose cleaner is all you need, they generally clean the bath, tiles, mirrors and hand basin. Save time by spraying cleaners on surfaces that need a little *soaking time* – such as the shower, toilet and bath and clean other surfaces while you wait.

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