Houseproud’s Spring Cleaning Hints for Allergy Sufferers

Allergy season is upon us and thousands of Australians will battle the triggers that cause itchy eyes, runny noses and asthma attacks. While people may think their homes offer a safe retreat from pesky triggers like dust mites and mold – their home may be harboring more harm than they know.

It is surprising how many allergens lurk in even the cleanest home, but you can evict a lot of them with plenty of elbow grease and a good scrubbing, by changing flooring, or removing furnishings.  Experts advise that if your allergies are really severe, leave the cleaning to someone else and hire a professional cleaning company such as Houseproud Cleaning. Meantime here are some of our cleaning hints and tips.

Wash your bedding weekly: Use hot water and put dust-mite covers on mattresses and pillows.

Look at your flooring: Replace carpet with a timber flooring or tiles, this can eliminate 90 percent of dust mites. If you simply love carpet, make sure you have low pile – not shag.

Clean up mold: Mold is caused by moisture and can appear in your bathroom and kitchen. To avoid mold buildup, keep things dry as possible and fix leaky plumbing.

Ventilate the bathroom: Too much moisture can lead to mold mildew and dust mites. Turn on the bathroom fan to pull moisture from the air or open a window to help the air circulate.

Avoid upholstered furniture: The fabric traps allergens and is difficult to clean thoroughly. Instead, opt for leather, vinyl, wood or furniture with removable slipcovers that can be washed or dry cleaned.
Control animal dander: Keep pets out of the bedroom and wash them weekly.

Eliminate cockroaches: Cockroaches can trigger asthma symptoms. It’s best to hire a pest company to get rid of them.

De-clutter: Get rid of unnecessary knickknacks. The clutter just collects dust.

Check filters: Regularly check the filters on heaters and your air conditioner and if they are dirty, replace them.

Carpet Cleaning: Having your carpets professionally deep cleaned and treated with anti-allergen can help keep those pesty little dust mites under control and mean you get to stop sneezing and enjoy spring.

When you want to get relief from your allergies call Houseproud Cleaning for a thoroughly reliable and outrageously reasonable spring clean.

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