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Working from home can be quite the convenience. You lose less time and money commuting, and you can be more present in your family life. However, it’s easy to get distracted by things like the TV, the fridge, your kids, your pets, and the internet. One way to limit interruptions is to designate a home office and tell family members to stay out, at least during office hours. If they need you, they can call, just like they would if you were at work (because technically, you are).

Your home office could be an elaborate extension built out of a granny flat, work shed, or garage. Or it could be a repurposed bedroom in the main house, or a cordoned-off balcony. It could even be a corner of your living/dining area with a desk and a computer. Make your home office as simple or elaborate as you can afford. Give it your own personal touches, keeping it as cosy or formal as you want. You’ll be spending a lot of time there, so ensure it’s a space you like.

Office cleaning roster

Usually, offices are cleaned over the weekend, while staff are away. This makes it easier to get around and manoeuvre between electronics and furniture, which gives a more thorough clean. But since you want to keep your home and office distinct, you can put your home office on a different cleaning schedule. If you’re outsourcing all your cleaning, then they can do the office as well. But if not, do your home cleaning on its own designated day.

You could hire cleaners for specific tasks, like carpet cleaning in Liverpool NSW. But the rest of your cleaning can be done solo. It barely takes an hour. Start by tidying up your workspace. Clutter makes the room look dirty even if there isn’t a speck of dust anywhere. In fact, you should develop the habit of clearing up before and after you start work. When your work area is neat and tidy, it motivates you to work. The after-duty-tidy is handy for de-cluttering your mind.

Keep your equipment clean

It psychologically shifts you from work-mode to home-mode, and knowing your desk is clear gives you mental peace of mind as well. You can go to bed relaxed, assured that your nice, inviting workstation awaits you in the morning. Give your computer a quick clean by folding over a sticky note and passing it between your keys. (Make sure the computer is off when you do this.) Use the sticky bit, so it can pick up dirt. You can also use a cotton bud / q-tip dipped in alcohol.

Make sure the alcohol on the cotton bud is minimal to avoid moistening the keyboard. You can also use alcohol wipes on your computer monitor, and to wipe the surface of the keyboard. Wipe the body of your computer as well. Once your main work tool is spotless, you can do a general clean around the office. Sweep, vacuum, and dust all surfaces, using the brush attachment as needed. Don’t forget the windows, sockets, and light switches. Or better yet, let us do it for you.

To get your home office (and the rest of your house) spotless, call Houseproud today on 1300 880 198.

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