When we’re little, all we want to do is grow up, and once we do, we just want to be little again, and we try to teach our kids to enjoy their time in young paradise. But beyond that, there’s a not-so-magical age when your kids lose interest in you. It’s like one day, they’re trying to sneak into the boot so they can go to work with you … and the next, they won’t even join you for a haircut. This age usually happens around age 8 or 9, so make the most of your kids’ attention before you get there. Still, there are ways to persuade your tweens (and teens) to hang out with you – and like it!

Eat together

In modern homes, we probably have a bathroom and TV in every bedroom, but there’s still a single dining room. Make a house rule that all meals must be synchronised. If you don’t have designated dining area, you can eat in the living room or the kitchen table, as long as you do it together – at least for breakfast and dinner. It doesn’t matter is it’s a three-course thing or pizza, but every family member has to be present. And present means TV off, no laptops, no tablets, no cell phones. For that half hour of eating, you should focus solely on each other.

Start a question jar

If this idea sounds awkward and intimidating – especially with precocious youngsters, you can find ways to ease it. Instead of falling to fuddy-duddy small-talk (you’ll never get answer to ‘How was school?’ that doesn’t start and end with ‘Fine.’), get creative. Restaurants have tips jars, grandma’s house as a swear jar … install your dinner table Question Jar. Fill it with interesting queries you can take turns asking each other.

A question can only be used once, then it doesn’t go back inside the jar. Throughout the day, week, month, or year, any family member can slip in a question, or you can download some from the internet. It’s a great way to pass time and get to know each other in a fun, free-form low-pressure way. The only rules? Be respectful, and no one-word answers!

Hire a cleaner

There’s a saying somewhere that adulthood is about endless bills and bottomless dishes. When your younger self daydreamed about being an adult and doing whatever they wanted, housework wasn’t on that list. In fact, your rebellious tween self probably longed for the day they’d never have to clean their room.

Here’s the thing about being an adult – you have to clean up, because there’s no one you can yell into doing it for you. But wait … what about house cleaning services in Sydney? You don’t have to yell, but you can call Houseproud and have us clean from top to bottom while you put your feet up and watch TV – as a family. We’ll even clean the grime out of the oven and the grout out of the sink.

To free up some quality time for the family and get your house sparkling in the process, call Houseproud today on 1300 880 198.

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