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So, the kids are home for a couple of weeks, and it may feel like years rather than days. Still, there are lots of ways you can make the holiday more bearable, both for you and for them. With the right preparation and attitude, the holiday could actually be lots of fun. Start by finding them activities to do. You don’t have to plan every moment of the day – that’s frustrating for both of you. But two or three days a week, enrol them for an activity that roughly occupies their ‘school hours’. It keeps them out of your hair, and out of the house.

The activity will depend on your kids’ age and their interests. You could sign them up at a youth class, or develop a roster with nearby parents and relatives. This way – if the parents are willing – the kids will be hosted at alternate houses. There should be days when the kids have no planned activities, allowing them to sit around and do nothing. They need the rest too. It can also be helpful to create a chore chart, now that they have more time to help.


Call a cleaning service

In your mind, they’ll probably do their share now that they aren’t rushing to school. But if you’re not careful, you’ll spend the entire fortnight fighting them into submission. That’s no fun for anyone. So instead, ask them what tasks they want, knowing they’ll pick the least laborious ones. Let them have that, and assign rewards. Ideally, they shouldn’t be cash rewards. They can earn points to be swapped for screen time or ‘parental chauffeuring’.

For example, each completed hour could earn them a drive to the mall or a drop-off at the movies. They could even earn hosting time – the right to have their friends over, with access junk food during the visit. Then for your regular cleaning – which the kids won’t do – call Houseproud (we are in Newcastle and many other areas). We have trained, vetted staff for both basic and deep cleaning. Interiors, outer walls, carpets, ovens, we do it all.


Open the pool

Assuming you had closed it over winter, this is a good time to restore your swimming pool. It’ll keep the kids occupied as the weather warms up. If you don’t have a pool yet, school holidays are a good excuse. You can install an above-ground pool in as little as a day, and it’ll be ready for high summer. Above-ground pools are advisable because they’re much cheaper (you can install one for less than $3,000), and they don’t need much space.

Besides, modern pools are really easy to maintain. You can connect them to your home WiFi and carry out major maintenance on your phone, even when you’re overseas. Using a pool app, you can turn on / off your heater, pool lights, pump, and filter. You can also check your pool water levels, chemicals, and you can open and close the pool cover. The kids will love it.

For more survival tips to get you through your kids’ school vacation, or to have the hassle taken out of holiday cleaning, call Houseproud today on 1300 880 198.


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