Simple Steps to Find The Perfect Sydney Cleaner

One of our Houseproud customers Anna shares her steps to finding the right Sydney cleaner. Anna had been fed up with all the hustle and bustle of modern life, work, her kids, and keeping her Sydney home presentable and clean . A few months ago she was just about at the end of the road feeling totally exhausted, stressed and dreaming of an escape to a haven of simplicity, peace and calmness. Anna was not in a good space until a friend recommended that she make some changes in her life, admit that she was not coping and needed some help.

Steps to Find Perfect House Cleaners

Step One – Accpetance

After mulling all the unrealistic fantasies around in her  head for what seemed like forever, Anna came to a point of calm, this calm grew as she realised that life was as it was, all the wishing in the world would not change that fact. The more she accepted this realisation the better she felt.

Step Two – Willingness

As her newfound acceptance gave her freedom from the futile wrestle of resisting reality, she became willing to take some kind of positive action to change the way things were. At first it started with a faint desire to do something different, and as she realised there were options, her willingness grew. Anna admitted that she didn’t have to stay stuck in the rut, she began to feel quite positive.

Step Three – Action

For Anna what was required was change, taking a situation that she felt overwhelmed by and then gaining power over her life by effecting change. This sounds really dramatic doesn’t it? Anna identified what areas of her life she needed to do something different in, and set about searching for solutions. After her friends recommendation she called Houseproud Cleaning. She has found a solution to part of her dilemma, a lovely lady named Elaine who visits her home every fortnight and has made such a difference to her life.

Well now she has gained some spare time and is now able to meet her friends for coffee once a week and go to the gym. Anna said they were simple steps but taking them took her far too long. She is so grateful to her Houseproud cleaner not only for the work she does but also for the freedom she has gained. Anna wishes she had taken these steps years ago and encourages you to take these steps if you are struggling finding the perfect Sydney cleaner.

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