School holidays can be a great time to teach kids how to do housework!


Once you decide on which chores your children will do and when, it is important to keep them motivated – and ensure they continue carrying out chores to your standards.

  • Set a good example. Both parents need to be involved on the housework front. If your son sees you constantly nagging Dad to clean out the garage, he won’t do his chores on time either.
  • Have reasonable expectations. Of course you can do it better yourself, but that would defeat the purpose. Lavish praise and hope that next time they’ll do it even better.
  • Keep things light. It’s always a good idea to make chores fun, so try making a game out of doing the washing up. Younger children in particular love building play into daily chores. When tidying a bedroom, for example, put away all teddies first, then dolls, then books. Let them find each item and make it into a treasure hunt.
  • Give them more and more responsibility. Letting kids take on more tasks gives them a feeling of independence. Even a three-year-old can make dinner – with a lot of supervision and help. Let them feel they’ve accomplished something, and next time they’ll be eager to do more.

Household chores needn’t be pure drudgery. With a little forethought, your children can be trained to give you loads of support on the home front. Just stick to it, and hopefully it will become a natural part of your family routine.

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