We are in the midst of Australia’s coldest winter in 36 years. Sydneysiders have been caught unawares by old Jack Frost and are shivering their timbers and struggling to deal with the freezing temperatures. So you’ve probably all heard of the two squirrels. If you haven’t – the story is of two squirrels, one collects nut during the warmer months, so it has food to eat during the winter. The other squirrel plays around merrily and doesn’t make any preparations for the winter months. When winter comes, the lazy the squirrel is starving, so the other squirrel takes pity on him and shares his supply of nuts.

This story gives false hope to those who don’t make preparations for the winter. Unless you and your neighbour are best of buds, don’t expect them to take pity on you and keep you warm this winter. It’s up to you to make preparations for this winter. If you’re a bit clueless as to what precautionary measures to take, don’t worry we are here to help. This post is to give you some idea of what to do to prepare your house for the long hard winter.

Heating Your Home

Get a heater; it’s an obvious solution! But not just any heater. Be prepared to shell out some dough on a good quality heater that will efficiently heat your home. Cheaper heaters are not energy efficient and even have the capability of starting house fires. When buying a heater, go with trusted brands and always look at the energy rating – otherwise heating your home will become a costly endeavour.

Seal It Up

Make sure your home is properly sealed to keep the heat in and the cold air out. Check windows and doors for any leaks and if there are leaks take precautionary measures and seal them up. Seal the gaps yourselves or seek the help of a professional. A cheap alternative is to use old material and place it in the holes. This is an absolute budget method and should be used as a last resort.

Clean Your Carpets

Before sealing your house make sure you clean the carpets. Since your house will be sealed up nice and airtight, you need to ensure that the air quality inside is the best it can be. Particles and dust in the carpet can reduce the air quality and sufferers of allergies and respiratory ailments can become sensitive. So it’s best to give your house and carpets a thorough clean before sealing it up. I would even go as far as getting it professionally done to ensure all nasty particles are eliminated.

Get Insular

Make sure your home is adequately insulated in the roof and the walls. A well-insulated house will cut the cost of heating in half and save you wads of cash in the long run. Give your local insulation people a call. It’s relatively inexpensive and worth every penny.

So don’t get caught out this winter and take adequate precautions, so you don’t freeze. Don’t be the lazy squirrel. Unfortunately, no one’s going to share his or her nuts with you. It’s all up to you to make your home a warm, inviting space so that you don’t suffer this winter. For that wintertime clean, book Houseproud to do the dirty work.

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