Preparing Your Home For Overnight Guests Over The Holidays

Holiday visits with family and friends make the festive season so much brighter. With many people still doing it tough financially you can help by opening your Sydney home to overnight guests. Instead of directing them to the nearest motel, you can follow Houseproud’s simple steps to prepare and clean your Sydney home and help your guests feel welcome.

Make your Guest room clean and cozy

Prepare their room by spring cleaning the area especially well. Change bed linens and wash all bedding in advance. If you plan to use a futon or sofa bed, open the bed up to air and make sure it is in good working condition.

It is important to ask guests if they have pet or food allergies
Even if you are having a regular Houseproud clean, just prior to their arrival vacuum all areas of the house to remove pet hair. If it is possible, organize for your pet to stay in a separate area of the home while guests with allergies are visiting. Houseproud recommends our natural and environmentally friendly Anti Allergen Treatment after steam cleaning carpets for allergy sufferers.
Make a list of any food allergies and avoid serving items that may trigger an allergic reaction.

Stock up on extra linen

Ensure you have extra bath towels, beach towels, wash cloths, a change of sheets and pillow cases, and a few extra blankets. Houseproud Cleaning recommend you assemble a basket of travel sized toiletries for your guests for a Ritz like touch. Include useful items such as toothpaste, shampoo, body wash, shaving cream, moisturizing lotion, extra toothbrush, and anything else you feel would be useful. Display the basket on the bathroom vanity and invite your guests to help themselves to any needed items.

Stock up on plenty of food and beverages

Be sure you have plenty of food and drinks on hand. If young children are visiting, include snacks that are suitable for kids. Remember to stock up on extra beverages, especially milk, juice, coffee and tea.

Spend some time together

Remember guests are coming to visit YOU so plan to spend quality time with your guests. This will make them feel welcome and ensure they have an enjoyable visit. Arrange a day trip to visit Sydney local attractions, the beach, or break out your favorite music and board games.

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