Now the dust has settled sweep first before you mop

Most Sydney residents last week would have had to contemplate a weekend of tackling the big dust storm aftermath. Australia experienced the worst dust storm that the country has seen for 70 years. On Wednesday morning the east coast of Australia woke to a shroud of red dust which had blown from the desert outback.
Houseproud experienced a flood of calls from people wanting advice, high pressure cleaning, and to book cleaning services. According to Paul Mitchell the owner of Houseproud the most important thing to remember before you start cleaning is not to use water to get rid of the thin film of dust. Simply sweep the dust away and vacuum before mopping the floors. The blanket of red dust cloaking every thing around your home is not good for your health. Dust can cause respiratory problems and health implications for people with asthma and respiratory problems. If you need some help cleaning the dust from your Sydney home give Houseproud a call.

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