Houseproud Cleaners Newcastle Shares Tips on Cleaning for The Colder Winter Months Ahead

With autumn and winter comes the cold months or sitting in your home, in front of the fireplace keeping warm. Less frequently do you open the windows to let in the fresh air as you would do in the warmer months during Summer, therefore your home will collect more dust and and create an ideal location for bacteria to breed. Houseproud Cleaning Newcastle recommends that is important to Spring clean your home just before winter to minimise the amount of dust that can build up over the Winer months in your home and to let your home breath before it gets locked up over winter.

Autumn is a great time to clean your home and you should focus on; cleaning your windows, clean the outdoor area such as the outdoor setting that was used over Summer for the BBQs with friends and family and focus on the oven after cooking those Christmas roasts.

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