Looking to own a successful cleaning franchise?

Most of our Houseproud franchisees have never been involved in running a business. Houseproud recently held a training day and it was so rewarding to see the personal growth and success of our franchisees. To see some of them on their way to becoming financially independent, having had no previous experience, business knowledge and qualifications is testimony to Houseproud’s proven systems.

It is a great time to own a cleaning franchise. The most precious commodity today is time. People are starved for it and increasingly willing to pay for services that afford them more leisure. The number of dual-income families keeps growing.

The maturing baby boomer population has disposable income and better things to do than clean their home. Industry experts predict demand for home services will continue to grow at an accelerated rate as time-starved consumers continue to buy time-saving services well into the 21st century. The combination of these factors, along with Houseproud’s nine years of experience and name brand awareness, makes us one of the leaders in the home cleaning services industry.

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