Keeping Your Sydney Home Safe While You Are Away For The Holidays

Safety and security is an important concern for most Sydney home owners. Around the holidays, it can be easy to overlook due to the increasingly busy schedule many people have over the Christmas holiday break.

To safeguard your home while you’re away this holiday season, it’s best to take a few precautionary measures to make your Sydney home less appealing to prospective burglars.

Cancel your mail or ask a friend or neighbor to collect it for you. An overstuffed mailbox is a telltale sign that you’re away. If you are having your home cleaned while you are away ask your Houseproud cleaner to collect the mail from the box and bring it inside when they visit.

Leave some lights on, including the Christmas lights. If your beautiful Christmas lights display glows in the weeks leading up to Christmas but then suddenly disappears once the holiday arrives, thieves can probably determine that your Sydney house is empty and therefore a good target. By leaving a kitchen light on inside your house and keeping your Christmas lights on a timer, you’re at least giving the appearance that someone is home, and it makes it more difficult for potential thieves to creep around your house in darkness.

Secure all home windows. Along with making sure your all windows are locked. And just as with sliding patio doors, make sure any sliding windows have similar anti-lift protection.


Give someone you trust a spare key to your Sydney home. Never leave a spare key in the familiar places, such as under a doormat or in the mailbox. Many of our regular Sydney home cleaning customers have entrusted their Houseproud cleaners with a key to their home for easy access to clean their home.

Light up all of the entrances to your Sydney house. Keep each and every entryway well lit while you’re away. Doing so makes it harder for prospective burglars to inspect a Sydney home and break in. This is even more important for Sydney homeowners who do not decorate their homes with Christmas lights. Also, before leaving for an extended period of time, remember to replace all light bulbs with fresh ones, assuring that your lights will burn brightly throughout your holiday.

Take good care of your garden. A great place for a burglar to hide and go unnoticed is in bushes that are not well trimmed.

Put away garden furniture and other backyard tools. Household items strewn about the yard could help a burglary. Ladders, chairs and boxes should be stored in a locked shed or garage, as a burglar can simply use the ladder to climb up to a second story window. Also, garden tools can be used to break windows or shimmy open doors, so lock those away as well.

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