Pests can be a huge nuisance in the kitchen—nobody likes coming across a cockroach or mouse skittering across the floor or counter unexpectedly. However, beyond being unpleasant, pests also pose a safety risk to you and your family, as they can contaminate food and spread diseases. Here are five simple tips to keep your kitchen clean and pest-free year-round.


1. De-clutter Counters and Shelves

Pests like small, dark spaces and kitchens can be a goldmine of these types of hiding spots. Piled-up cookbooks, pots and pans, packets and jars from the pantry, and stacks of washed or unwashed dishes can all act as perfect homes in the eyes of pests. Be sure to put items away after using keep as little as possible upon your countertops so you can ensure it’s clean and doesn’t invite in pests.


2. Take out the Trash

Pests come running when they smell food waste, so try to remove garbage bags from the house as often as possible. This is especially true if you’ve been preparing food and there are lots of food scraps in the bin. Once the trash is out, be sure to wash the trash bin if there is any food residue, as this will attract pests as well.


3. Keep it Clean

Regularly cleaning your kitchen is one of the best defences you have against pests. Food residue can end up on the floor, countertops, table, refrigerator, and even chairs. Regularly sweeping, mopping, and wiping down your kitchen surfaces will keep your kitchen looking great and will effectively keep pests out. If you have a busy schedule and it’s difficult to stay on top of regular cleaning, hiring a house cleaning service like House Proud can be a massive weight off of your shoulders. They offer weekly, fortnightly, and one-off cleaning services at a great rate, so you can keep pests out of the kitchen and keep all of your commitments.


4. Air-tight containers

For food items that you’d like to stay on the counter like sugar, coffee beans, or oats, be sure to store them in air-tight containers that small pests like ants can’t squeeze their way into. For longer-storage items that will be in the pantry, be sure that the packaging is pest-proof. Tins and plastic or glass bottles are usually safe, but plastic packets can easily be chewed through. Consider keeping these vulnerable items inside of a plastic box with a tight sealing lid to prevent pests from getting to them.


5. Clean your kitchen appliances regularly

Beyond just wiping down your kitchen surfaces, be sure to clean your appliances as well regularly. Food residue hidden in the nooks and crannies of your oven, coffee machine, blender, and stove will attract pests to the area. Be sure to give them a proper washing and drying immediately after using them. For appliances that you use less frequently, consider putting them away in large transparent bags that seal, so that you can quickly identify them when you need to take them out later.


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