Is 2018 the Year to Finally Get a Regular Cleaner?

You’ve been debating it for what seems like a decade. You’ve listened to your friends rave about how much easier it has made their lives. You’re sick of doing it yourself and is it worth penny-pinching that much when it’s making you miserable? Yep, it’s cleaning your house – is it time to finally bite the bullet and get someone else in to do it for you? The answer is yes!

In 2018, outsourcing is in. We no longer want to drive ourselves places, we have Uber for that. We no longer want to cook – it’s Deliveroo for dinner tonight. We have roboadvisors to do our stock market investing for us, and we don’t have to go out to meet people anymore – we date online.

We are trying to make our lives easier so that we free up more time to do what we please, like socialising with friends and family, working a second job to save for a house, or even just to have a good old Netflix marathon.

Making our lives easier involves outsourcing the tasks that we either don’t like doing or take an extended chunk out of our time that we’d prefer to spend doing something else. And for a lot of people, cleaning the house most definitely falls into one (or both) of these two categories.

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For most people, cleaning the house is a chore. The only reason that is stopping most people from using a cleaner is either 1) they are trying to save money and don’t want the added cost, 2) they feel guilty about being a “bad” homemaker if they don’t do it themselves, or 3) they think it’s lazy to get a cleaner. Reasons 2 and 3 are pretty silly – the only thing holding you back from getting a cleaner here is yourself, no one else is going to judge you for getting a cleaner, and if they are then that’s pretty ridiculous in this day and age, it’s not the 1950’s! As for reason number 1, unless you already run a very tight ship when it comes to budgeting you’ll probably find that you’re able to work a cleaner into your budget.

Houseproud is your local house cleaner that can make the difference in keeping your house clean in 2018. Call us to obtain a quote on getting a regular cleaner for your home and start off the new year spick and span.

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