If you are preparing for a houseful of guests, you are probably working hard to get the house cleaned in preparation for their arrival. But if your guests are staying longer than a few days, you may want to think about how you’ll keep the house clean during their stay as well. It will save your guests the stress of worrying about how much they should be pitching in, and it will save you the hassle of having to do a major clean once you say goodbye.

Be proactive

There are several steps you can take to prepare your home in a way that will prevent it from becoming too messy or dirty when you have higher traffic than normal due to guests.

  • Place doormats inside and outside of all doors to prevent too much dirt from being tracked into the house. If possible, sweep or rinse pathways leading up to the door to further prevent dirt from entering the house.
  • Make sure each guest’s room has ample towels as well as a laundry basket for them to place dirty clothing. Make sure each room has a bin for guests to dispose of small items.
  • Free up closet or bureau space in advance so that guests have a place to put away clothing.
  • Make sure there is space in the shower and on the bathroom counter for guests to place their toiletries. Especially if several people will be using one bathroom, make sure there is a place either in the bathroom or in the bedroom for each guest to hang their towels.

Make a plan

While guests are visiting, you have a few options for keeping the house clean: hire a cleaning service, clean it all yourself, or ask guests to participate in some cleaning tasks.

  • The easiest option is, of course, hiring a house cleaning service like HouseProud to come in and clean. They work with checklists so you can specify what you’d like them to focus on while your guests are in town. Out of courtesy, make sure to inform your guests when the cleaners will be coming around.
  • Cleaning everything yourself can be a huge stress, but if that’s your only viable option then be sure to focus in on areas that tend to get dirty quickly like the kitchen and bathrooms. Most guests won’t expect you to clean their bedroom, so instead focus on common areas for the most part.
  • Most good guests will offer to help you clean, as they appreciate you hosting them in your home. Think in advance about what you’d most like help with. If you are cooking for your guests, perhaps ask them to help clean up after dinner. If they are happy to clean the bathroom or bedroom they’ll be using, make sure to show them where you store your cleaning products. If they need to do laundry, perhaps they wouldn’t mind doing an extra load for you as well.

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