How to Save Money by Keeping Your Carpet Clean


We all know the health benefits and enjoyment of clean carpet, but it is important to remind yourself of the financial pay-off too. Dirt in carpet acts like hundreds of little blades. Every time you walk on it, you press on those tiny blades, and they cut into the carpet fibers, which then shortens the life of your carpet. Clean carpet saves you money, because it lasts longer!

It is important that you vacuum often which happens with regular cleaning by a Houseproud cleaner. A dirt-damaged carpet will stain more easily, so keep the dirt out and you’ll have fewer stains. We suggest you take off your shoes. How nice does it feel to sit down and relax on your carpet without wondering what was dragged across it on the soles of shoes?

It is a great idea to put a mat outside the front door, and a rug inside the entrance. This will catch some of the dirt coming in, before it makes it to your carpet.

Regular cleaning by a Houseproud Carpet Cleaner will get your carpet cleaner than you can ever hope to get it by yourself.  Our Houseproud Carpet Cleaners use the hot water extraction method which kills a lot of bacteria, fungus, mold and dust mites and is the healthiest way to clean carpet.

How often you need you to get your carpet cleaned depends on whether you remove shoes in the house and how often you vacuum. It also depends on your own personal environment; whether you are smokers, have pets, and children who love to play outside in the dirt!

Some regular carpet cleaning by a Houseproud carpet cleaner will prolong the life of your carpet which will save you money and make your home a healthier place to live. Give Houseproud a call for a quote so we can help you keep your carpet clean.


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