How to Remain Relaxed While Hosting Christmas Dinner

Christmas is a wonderful time to gather with family and friends to celebrate. Hosting the dinner, however, may feel overwhelming. If you are planning to host Christmas dinner, here are some tips from Houseproud Cleaning to help reduce the stress. Merry Christmas!

Plan Ahead – The main thing you can do to reduce stress is to plan well in advance. Determine how many guests will be coming and then check your supplies. Stock up on place settings, glasses, serving platters and bowls, serving spoons, cookware, chairs, tables, and table linen etc. Buy, borrow or hire what is needed to for your guests.


Write out the Menu – Work out your menu and write down exactly what will be served. Make a list of ingredients for all dishes and buy non-perishable ingredients well in advance. If you are getting others to help prepare the food, assign their dishes and tasks early.

Free up the Fridge – Figure out what will need to be refrigerated make enough space in your fridge. On the day of your Christmas dinner, use a spare fridge or esky to hold items that will not be used for Christmas dinner. Place the esky in the garage or in another area out of the way. You may also wish to use another cooler to hold extra drinks. Remember to have plenty of ice on hand.

Prepare Food ahead– Think about preparing some food in advance. Many dishes can be made ahead and frozen until needed. This is a great time saver.

Delegate– Feeling like you need to remember everything can be overwhelming and add to your stress levels. Enlist the help of family members. Ask guests to bring a dish to share. Take help if anyone offers! Remember to sit down and enjoy your delicious Christmas dinner. Appreciate all the fabulous compliments you will receive for preparing the Christmas feast and remaining cool, calm and collected with a smile!

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