How to Reduce Stress When Selling Your Sydney Home


It is that time of year, Houseproud have been very busy with moving cleans! Selling your home and moving house are two things guaranteed to escalate stress levels. Here are Houseproud’s hints and tips to help you reduce the stress associated with trying to sell your home and having to keep it spotless for potential buyers.

Declutter your home 
A neat home is easier to sell than a cluttered home. If you know in advance that you may be putting your Sydney home on the market – start sorting out your clutter well in advance. Then when you put it on the market all the hard work is done and all you have to do is to keep it sparkling clean and tidy. The less clutter there is the less home cleaning there is to do! It also saves you time when you move. If you need help with decluttering, Houseproud Cleaning can recommend an excellent Decluttering service.

Get some help with your garden
If your garden is overgrown and full of weeds either spend some time yourself or hire a gardener so that it looks manicured for prospective buyers.

Find a good real estate agent.
A really good real estate agent should have the expertise to go through your home before it goes on the market. They should tell you everything that could be improved to create the best possible impression. Get their professional advice instead of trying to work it out yourself, they may recommend you hire the services of someone who can stage your Sydney home.

Reduce home entertaining
Entertaining at home creates mess, so avoid this so real estate agents can call around at any time. Instead, encourage your friends to invite you to their places or meet at a café.

Organise a regular home clean by Houseproud Cleaning
This will help you  to leave your house looking perfect – a hard task just for one day for most of us. It is important to reduce your stress to remain in a healthy state of mind. The cost of home cleaning is minor compared to real estate agents fees, stamp duty and settlement etc.

Get your carpets cleaned by Houseproud Cleaning
A professional carpet cleaning will bring new life to your home. Old carpets can look nearly new again – and your Houseproud Carpet Cleaning professional can help with removing difficult spots or stains. Depending on the time between open houses, you may require multiple visits. Houseproud Carpet Clean will leave your entire house smelling clean and fresh with the natural cleaning products we use.

Do your laundry during the week
If you’re working full time and used to leaving your laundry until the weekend – you will need to change this. A washing line full of your personal laundry isn’t a good look for prospective buyers. Most people will visit your home on weekends – so do your laundry during the week and keep your weekends free

Sort out your furniture
Too much furniture can leave your house looking small and cluttered to a prospective buyer. The more space there appears to be, the more attractive it can appear. So get rid of surplus furniture now, don’t wait until you move. There are charities in Sydney that will come to your Sydney home and pick up second hand furniture for free. Of course, the less furniture, the less you have to clean.

Organise weekend activities
Weekends can be particularly busy times for people to want to come and inspect your home. Organise yourself to go out on the weekends and stay in during the week.

Let your friends and family know
The quicker you get a good buyer for your Sydney home the better, so do everything you can to help. Get your Real Estate agent’s flyers and send them to everyone you know – they may not want a new house but they may know someone who does.

Don’t overload yourself with other things
Selling your house is a big deal. While you are doing this put other responsibilities on hold. You might resign from committees, and get someone else to help coach any sports teams etc. Whatever you do – make space in your life because there’s a lot to do when you’re selling yourSydney home. Make the time to sell your home instead of fitting it in to an already busy life and becoming stressed out.

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