How To Prevent Bedbugs

Bedbugs are small oval shaped bugs that are a rusty brown colour with no wings. When fully grown they are only 4 to 5 mm long and being so tiny they can easily hide in crevices and cracks. They feed on blood and their favourite snack is humans, though they will feed on other warm-blooded animals. As their name suggests they feed on humans of a night – when they are bed.

There are two species of bed bugs that feed on humans with the C. Hemipterus confined to the tropical areas of Australia.


How to Prevent Bed Bugs in Australia


  • Where do they live? Bed bugs live and lay eggs close to household objects where humans sleep – mattresses, bed frames, skirting boards, behind loose wallpaper and in the cracks of floorboards. They come out of a night to feed and then hide during the day to digest their meal of blood. Only if they are very hungry will bedbugs come out during the day to feed. The bedbug population has grown – worldwide, probably due to the second-hand furniture trade increasing to worldwide and changes to the use of pesticides. Increasing numbers of bedbug infestations have been reported in Australia particularly in hotels, motels and at backpacker hostels. An adult bedbug can live for up to a YEAR without a blood meal and they can be transported long distances in furniture, the seams of clothing inside luggage and on bedding.

  • Signs of bedbugs – they make their presence known through continuous irritation and biting. Some people don’t respond to the bite of a bedbug at all, others react immediately while for others it can take up to nine days for a reaction. It’s the itching of bites that can result in skin infections caused by constant scratching. Bed bugs usually bite a person’s arms and shoulder – or any exposed skin surface which can lead to swelling and itching of the skin. A heavy bedbug infestation can be indicated by a sickly-sweet smell and spots of blood on the sheets and bedding – or on nearby furniture. Using cleaning services to keep your rooms clean is a huge step in stopping bedbugs from setting up their home in yours.

  • How can you confirm an infestation? Confirmation is through microscopic identification of collected specimens, either dead or live adults, nymphs and eggs.

  • Bedbugs are NOT known to transmit or carry and diseases.

  • How do you control bedbugs? An infected area and its surrounding area should be treated professionally with the appropriate insecticide.

  • Call in a professional cleaning service to handle thorough cleaning of all bedding and clothing that may be infected and to ensure the house or area is vacuumed thoroughly

  • You can also reduce the number of available hiding spots by eliminating any cracks or crevices

  • Another way to keep bedbugs under control is with a professional mattress steam clean service – such as the one we offer at HouseProud

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