How to Keep Your Home Germ Free During Winter

How to Keep Your Home Germ Free During Winter

Unfortunately, it is that time of year again – cold and flu season. Even coming into Spring, many people are still feeling the effects of the dreaded cold or flu. It’s the most important time of the year to keep up with house cleaning – either by keeping your house clean yourself, or for those who just don’t have time, employing professional cleaning services. It’s important to pay extra attention and to find ways to keep colds and flu symptoms at bay. Here are some easy tips for how you can keep your home germ free during winter.

Dealing with the virus that actually causes the flu is hard, and while having the flu injection is a good way to provide yourself with some protection, the best and easiest way to stay healthy during the cold and flu season is simply to wash your hands well with soap and water throughout the day. If you have found yourself or a member of your family falling victim to a cold or flu, here are some other easy ways you can help keep the flu from taking over your home.

Watch out for areas where germs can breed

This includes the sink, doorknobs, children’s toys and the telephone. These are the perfect ‘landing sites’ for bacteria and germs. If someone is home sick you should try and disinfect your home daily – especially the remote control and phone. These two areas along with bench tops are the most common places for bacteria and germs to breed. After you call in sick – using the phone, what is the next thing most people pick up? – the remote control. In hospitals and hotels, remote controls are covered in germs. The flu and colds are spread through an object that has been sneezed on or something a sick person has touched – so cleaning the places your hand goes is most important.


Keep your home office workspace clean

Your home office is another place to watch out for. Desktops can actually have 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. When you are house cleaning, disinfect your desktop once a week along with the rest of your house as it can reduce your exposure to colds and flu by up to 50%.


Keep that kitchen sponge clean

Any good cleaning services will recommend that you replace your kitchen sponge every few weeks. Sponges are filled with all manner of bacteria and germs. If you must keep your sponge longer than a few weeks, pop it in the dishwasher to eliminate germs.

Beware of cleaning tools

This includes mops, sponges, dish rags, dust rags and any other cleaning tools. Unless you actually sanitise them between uses, they are just going to keep spreading around the germs you actually want to kill. You need to wash these items at a high temperature to keep your home germ free. If you don’t want to stockpile cleaning rags and cloths, you can always substitute them with paper towels that can be thrown out when you are finished. When house cleaning, have a look at the products you are using – unless you are using a cleaning service. There are a lot of cleaning products on the market that claim to be ‘anti-bacterial’, but that’s not always the case. Instead, look for cleaning products instead that say they ‘disinfect’ or ‘sanitise’.

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