How to Get Your Bond Back

Your tenancy is drawing to its end, it’s been good living in the unit but it is time to move on. A nagging voice in your head reminds you to hurry up and get organized to move so you will get your bond back. Your anxiety rises as you look around your Sydney home and look at all the work ahead of you.

Don’t panic you should get your bond back in full if you take the following steps recommended by Houseproud.

Before you reach your inspection date, make a plan and allow yourself enough time to complete the simple list of tasks that will help you get the return of your bond for your Sydney home.

Start clearing up your Sydney home and pack away your personal items ready you’re your move out clean.

Make sure you do this and allow good time; it may be difficult if you have a busy schedule.

When this task is completed your ready for stage two.

Get yourself a note pad and pen and starting in one room take your time to carefully look around the room, remember to try and view things from your Sydney Property Manager’s perspective, because when an inspection list is compiled it will usually be very thorough and detailed. As you go through the property listing all the little things that need attention you will probably find that a lot of the tasks can be easily accomplished.  Tackle the tasks that you’re able to i.e.; minor repairs and touch ups. If there are items you cannot cope with your self put them on the list under a separate heading Professional help, such as Houseproud home and carpet cleaning.

Note, you will be allowed a small degree of wear and tear relevant to the period of tenancy. If you are honest with yourself you will know the difference between reasonable wear and tear and damage that needs to be fixed by you.

When compiling your list do not forget to put cleaning on the list. A lot of people find to their cost that landlords will expect a perfectly cleaned unit on hand over, wear and tear does not include dirty appliances, bathrooms, kitchens, carpets/floors etc. If you decide to take on the cleaning, do make sure that you allow adequate time to do the job properly. A quick lick over everything in a couple of hours will not usually be good enough and your Landlord will deduct the cost of professional end of lease cleaning from your bond. Houseproud Cleaning specializes in end of lease home cleaning and carpet cleaning, especially stain removal, sometimes it makes more sense to leave it to the experts to save both time, money and stress!

If you want to get your bond back in full, take responsibility for making sure the property is handed back in good repair and thoroughly cleaned. Failure to do this will still result in you paying for the cost of the necessary services plus any administrative time and costs that your landlord or Sydney Property Manager incurs.

Remember if the property is in good repair and presented clean and tidy, there will be little reason for your landlord to stop your bond.. Your landlord will be pleased as they will not have to spend time and effort preparing the property for let again and you should get your deposit back in full promptly.


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