Moisture builds up in your walls and carpets and not only does this create a dank, musty smell, but it can also mean you may have a build-up of mould which can be hazardous to health and damage your family home. Damp smells in your house can indicate the presence of mould which should not be treated lightly and should be taken care of immediately. The wet smell is usually a result of moisture seeping into your house and then not drying properly, causing mould to grow. This can be the result of lack of ventilation to the affected area and the end product? A damp, dank, and unpleasant situation. There are many solutions to this problem and depending on the severity may require immediate attention.

Firstly, determine where the smell is coming from. This can be done by inspecting the house for leaks and water build up. Sometimes a leaky water pipe that has gone unnoticed will drip inside your walls or under your floors creating the moisture that leads to the house smelling like a dog’s blanket. Check all around the house, and if you can’t find it, the help from a professional may be required to find the source.

If a leaky pipe is responsible, obviously the first thing you want to do is seal it up. If you’re a handy home renovator, you may have the skills to tackle the task at hand yourself with a quick trip to the hardware store. If not, call your local plumber, and they will come to the home with all the tools required to fix your leak. After the source of the leak has been sealed, the next stage is drying out the affected area. Many DIY remedies are available, each working on varying degrees of success.

If the leak or water is visible, soak up any excess moisture with a towel. Do this with diligence as the more moisture you remove now, the easier the rest of the job will be. If you notice you have a mould problem, make sure to clean this thoroughly by using mould removing products. There are many on the market. If you would like to try a more natural technique try using white vinegar and salt. These two products combined make a great mould removal solution that is not as harmful as some chemical based cleaners on the market.

After the mould is removed, ensure the area is well ventilated to aid in the drying process. You might want to set up multiple fans around the house to ensure that any excess moisture is evaporated and dispersed. After you have completed all these necessary steps and you still have a damp smell in your house you might have to call in the professionals. Call Houseproud to book a professional Melbourne cleaner, and we will rock up to your house with all the tools for the job and leave your home smelling fresh as a field of daisies on a warm summers day.

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