How to be house proud for unplanned guests


Do you ever get caught out when you receive a phone call from friends who would love to come and visit? We all want to be house proud right! Firstly don’t panic as there is probably enough time to get ready. Quickly make the entrance look good by sweeping away leaves and straightening the doormat.

Guests are likely to use the bathroom, the lounge, and kitchen so quickly smarten those places up, temporarily dump things in other rooms if you have to.

Revitalise these rooms by opening the windows to get a blast of fresh air. Straighten any rugs, plump cushions, and grab any old newspapers and magazines and put them in the recycling bin. You will be starting to cut it fine so sweep up any obvious crumbs and fluff from the floor, put a new toilet roll in the holder, fresh hand towels in the bathroom, clean the toilet and wipe around the basin. Finally in total readiness put the kettle on and play some music.

Ensure you look completely unflustered as if you haven’t a care in the world when they arrive. Everyone has a different set of criteria when it comes to a quick tidy but it is all about beating the clock, remaining calm and being welcoming and relaxed when guests suddenly show up.

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