House Cleaning Before a Party

Houseproud want to help you with some hints on how to clean your house before a party during the silly season so you don’t get stressed out. If you love to have friends and family over to your home for a party then you know that the preparation before the party and the clean up afterwards can be stressful.
You have invited your guests, shopped, prepared the food, cleaned and tidied your home, and soon guests will arrive ready to be entertained. Despite all other preparations, none is more important than ensuring your guests can relax and have fun in a comfortable clean home.

We all know that we want to make sure we are houseproud and that our house is spick and span because we always want others to think the best of us. What if Maddy tells Paul and Maria that our home looked dirty?

Taking the time to make your home ready for guests can be daunting for even the most seasoned house cleaning neat freak. Below we have created some tips and hints to make it easier for you as you get ready for your party.

Follow these tips for pre-party cleaning to help you get more out of your party:-
Plan what needs to get done. Write down a list of rooms and places in your home that need to be cleaned and tidied.
Start with the most important rooms. The rooms that your guests will spend the most time in. Sometimes it helps to begin cleaning from the entrance and work your way through the places your guests are most likely to go.
Remove the clutter. Clutter can give a spotless home a messt look. Create the space to allow your guests room to move freely around your house.
Be smart and take some shortcuts. If there are no kids coming to the party don’t worry about cleaning and tidying family bedrooms. If the party is informal consider using disposable platters, plates and glasses etc.
Prepare for small cleaning mishaps. Be well stocked with paper towels, cloths, sponges etc.
Carpet stain removal can often be the number one party clean up problem. At Houseproud we think it is often best to leave hard to remove stains to the carpet cleaning experts as some of the stain removal products can set the stain. Above a all do not stress as stuff happens and remaining calm only shows more of your ability as host.
Get some help. Use your family or friends to help you prepare. For most busy people professional house cleaning help is often the preferred choice so give Houseproud a call and let us help you have a stress free party. If you plan to organise some help before the party be sure to book as soon as possbile as Sydney cleaners get really busy over the holiday season.
Add some personal touches. Getting your house ready for a party is more than just decluttering and cleaning. It is a wonderful opportunity for you to ensure your home is special and welcoming. Houseproud cleans some beautiful homes with stunning flower arrangements, artwork, candles and incense.
Kick off your heels and have fun. Once your guests arrive forget about your clean house staying spick and span. Houseproud has never seen a spotless home after a party. That is why when you call Houseproud Cleaning we know you will be exhausted from a night of entertaining. Do not sweat the small stuff which can go wrong during a party, and please don’t follow them around with a cloth or broom! It is up to you as host to ensure your guests are happy and feel at home. Houseproud want you to really enjoy your party and not have to stress about cleaning up, so have fun!

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