Most of our houseproud customers have regular fortnightly cleans with our environmentally friendly citrus based products, so they don’t need to spend money on cleaning products. Switching to green cleaning does take some adjustment. Typically cleaning products seem to achieve instant results with minimal effort. But this is mainly due to these products being dangerously strong while their toxic fumes are being inhaled and their chemicals are damaging your skin. Natural cleaning products do work just as well; a bit more elbow grease may be needed but that will save an expensive gym workout!

If you have the items below listed in your cupboard, you can clean just about anything.

Bicarbonate of soda      A good cleaner, stain remover and deodoriser

Lemons                       Bleach and disinfectant

Salt                           Abrasive cleaner especially when used with lemon juice

Cream of Tartar           Stain remover

Eucalyptus Oil             Disinfectant, natural insect repellent and stain remover

Glycerin                     Stain Remover

Pure Soap                  Washing powders for laundry and liquids for the kitchen

Soda Water                Emergency stain remover

Vinegar                      Fights mould, disinfectant, bleach, deodoriser, de-greaser

Borax                         Cleaner, insect repellant, water softener

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