Houseproud’s Home Carpet Cleaning Tip

We would recommend using a professional carpet cleaner is a much safer bet than trying to clean it yourself. That being said, some smaller areas can be done on your own and here is a home carpet cleaning tip for your Sydney home.

You may have wall-to-wall carpet in all the rooms of your Sydney home, or just a few carpet rugs. From time to time every home carpet owner has to deal with spills and stains especially if you have kids, pets or you love to have parties. We all need to clean our home carpets. Most Sydney home owners who have indoor carpeting only need to do a couple of things to keep their carpet clean; vacuuming frequently and occasionally dealing with carpet spills and stains. There are instances, however, when regular routine cleaning doesn’t get rid of all that’s accumulated in your home carpet. In these cases, following a good home carpet cleaning hint or two can really make your home carpet cleaning task a lot easier.

The first Houseproud home carpet cleaning tip is to vacuum. Even if you think that you’re vacuuming enough, you probably need to vacuum more often. This will help to remove dirt, hair and other soil particles from your carpet, and keep the surface of the home carpet clean. Along with vacuuming, Houseproud suggests that take your shoes off when you enter your Sydney home, and leave them at the door. That way, you won’t be tracking mud, dirt and other things that have collected on your shoes onto the carpet. It will make your vacuuming job much easier, and you won’t have to worry about rubbing dirt further into your home carpet by walking all over it in your shoes.

A second home carpet cleaning tip is to not use supermarket carpet shampoos to clean your home carpet. Liquid shampoos, such as those used in home carpet cleaning machines, can collect in your home carpet – and then they act as a magnet for more dirt and grime. Instead, we recommend you use a professional Houseproud Carpet Cleaner.

Finally, a good home carpet cleaning tip is to keep a few items on hand that are good for getting rid of stains in your carpet. Soda water soaked on a cloth and dabbed on to some food and red wine stains, is very effective at removing stains and is cheap and easy to use. A great natural carpet cleaner is baking soda; a solution made with this can get rid of pet stains. Keeping your home carpet clean takes some effort, but with good care, your Sydney home carpet can last you for years.

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