Have you heard of the five languages of love? They are – allegedly – words of affirmation, physical touch, gifts, acts of service, and quality time. You can recognise a person’s preferred love language by the kind of attention that they lavish upon you because most people give what they’d like to receive. Of course, some of us are good at recognising other people’s languages, and we offer them what we know they’d prefer, so when in doubt, just ask.

What does this have to do with Mother’s Day? Well, if you have an ‘acts of service’ type of mum, she’d be delighted if you did her chores for her. It would make a truly memorable gift. In fairness though, many domestic tasks in most homes fall to the mum, so even if she’d prefer chocolate and a foot rub, she’d still be pretty pleased to sleep in and find the house clean.


Outsource Mum’s chores

Fortunately, you don’t have to do the actual cleaning. We’ll gladly do it for you. Here at HouseProud, we have a roster of home cleaning services in Sydney that include carpet cleaning, spring cleaning, weekly cleans, upholstery, and even specialised tasks likes windows, tile grout, exterior walls, gutters, ovens, and BBQs.


Make a list, check it twice

When you order our regular home cleaning service, we work off a checklist of domestic cleaning activities. You know the way mum passes a finger on top of your picture frames or peeks behind the fridge when she visits? Well, our checklist is sure to maintain her stringent standards. And if there’s anything extra she wants doing, we can chat about slipping it in.

Our list goes room by room and covers often overlooked tasks like skirting boards, light switches, bins, ceiling fans, stove hoods, microwaves (inside and out), lampshades, staircases and uncarpeted floors. On request, we can clean wall stains and blinds.


Why mums love HouseProud

A lot of times, mums ask their husbands and kids – both teens and adults – for help around the house. Unfortunately, the rest of the family does such a bad job that mum ends up repeating the task or taking over mid-way, which irks her even more than getting no help at all. She won’t have this problem with our team.

Each of our staff members are well-trained and fully insured so that mum will have no worries whatsoever. They’re friendly, they keep time, they wear uniforms, and if mum is uneasy, she can give us a call and talk to the cleaners, dotting her Is and crossing her Ts in terms of the type of cleaning she expects. In fact, you can let mum select her own cleaning crew, and all you have to do is pay the bill!

To hire cleaners that will do as good a job as your mum, call HouseProud today on 1300 880 998.

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