If you have teenagers or if you can remember being a teenager, then you know the feeling of a youngling’s bedroom. It constantly looks like a hurricane blew through it. The kids claim they know exactly where everything is then they raid your room for hoodies, scarves, and clean towels because theirs are lost in the crypt. They’ll try to convince you they like it that way – and maybe they do. After all, their insides are probably just as messy, with that mix of hormones, unsynchronised growth, and peer influence. The chaos feels like home.

You’re not a teenager anymore though. So when you get home from a harsh work-day, fighting through traffic, and battling the bills, the last thing you need is a dirty house. And you may not even have the strength to fix it. Lucky for you, Houseproud is one the top cleaning companies in Newcastle, and we can turn your cluttered house into a cosy home. Give us a call and we’ll send over a team once or twice a week. But why does a clean house feel quite so soothing? Is it the citrus scent, or the shiny tile floors?

No to-do list

Stress is a mental phenomenon. Yes, it’s triggered by tangible things, but it only exists in the brain. Work stress comes from bullying bosses, nagging work-mates, and rude commuters on your way home. When you open the door to a mess, that’s just one more thing to do, and the very thought of cleaning can drain those last few drops of energy. When you get to the house and it’s spotless, you know there’s nothing to do but unwind and put your feet up. It’s such a freeing sensation. You don’t even have to cook – unless you want to do the dishes.

Also, you may have heard that clutter contains energy. When everything is everywhere – even if it’s all clean – you feel crowded. Your house looks smaller, and it can get overwhelming. Something in us craves wide open spaces. That’s why we love staring at unspoiled horizons or driving down endless roads. The closest equivalent is a clean house, with nothing out of place. It makes your space roomier. It even looks brighter because there are no random things to soak up the light.

Easy entertainment

When your house is in this state, you feel good about having friends and family over. Good company is the best way to relax but can be stressful when you’re worried about pre-cleaning. You don’t want them to think you’re a slob, and you can actually start a cycle. The more exhausted you are, the more your procrastinate housework, the fewer visitors you host, the more reticent you become. So don’t turn into a crabby hermit. Just give us a ring, and we’ll come to do the dirty work for you. You can even book us in for the morning after your fabulous shindig. We’ll restore your house to its natural zen while you sleep off the beer.

For the calm, relaxed, pampered feeling that comes with a clean house, call Houseproud today on 1300 880 198.

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